The Joys of Multipurpose Clothing

Multipurpose clothing can define many different types of clothing. In this article, I will be looking at multipurpose clothing in terms of style and also from a practical aspect. Seeing what makes them so innovative, useful and in some case consciousness.

In terms of style, multipurpose clothing can divide a lot of people. You can have shawls, which can be used as a large scarf, while also doubling up as a top. In sports there the swacket, which combines unsurprisingly a jacket and sweater. It is often more the thickness and feel of a sweater but in the shape of a jacket. A lot of the time these types of clothing are trying to show a certain type of style, pushing clothing in a new direction. It isn’t always for everyone.

Multipurpose clothing is a lot more agreeable with everyone, when it’s seen from a practical point of view. When it comes to your feet, slides footwear offer shoes that are great for lounging about the house, going to the gym or even just going out for the day. They’re a great alternative to the awkwardness of flip flops. On top of which, they’re also a lot more acceptable to be seen out the house in than slippers.

Viewing multipurpose slightly differently, we come across the category of recycled clothing and accessories. This is a great way in which items and materials designed for something completely different has a new lease of life after it has served its original use. Some brands have made it their mission statement to only use recycled materials. While other brands keep a product’s original use very much at the forefront of the design. The end result is a mix of clothes, some of which you would not know they came from recycled materials. To those that you cannot miss that they have come from recycled materials.

Finally, the world of survivalist clothing shows us a realm where the both the practical and whacky reign supreme. An example of this is a rain poncho which can also double us as a one man tent. Prototypes have also been made for coats to double as a blow up shelter to be worn in a “post-disaster” case. The old phrase “if it looks stupid but works, it ain’t stupid” comes to mind.

Multipurpose clothing may to a lot of people just seem silly. Yet it shows us a unique way of looking at clothes. It can help redefine fashion, add levels of practicality and even help us survive in the great outdoors.

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