How to Take Care of Your Car This Winter

The chilly months of winter are almost here and the temperatures have started to dip in North India. This particular period is tricky for people as well as cars. You need to take the right steps to ensure that your car works well during the cold weather. The weather can have an impact on the car.  Explained ahead are the different ways to tackle such a scenario.

Tips to take care of your car this winter

Here are a few handy tips to keep your car in the best condition during winter.

  1. Monitor the battery

Check the battery of the car and ensure that it is filled with the right amount of distilled water. Cold winter mornings will need more electricity and a healthy battery is essential for the same. If the battery requires a replacement, do not hesitate because you might be stranded midway if you do not change it on time.

  1. Verify the levels of engine oil

You need to check the engine oil levels of the car before winter starts. If it needs an oil change, get it done at the earliest. Consider opting for an engine oil, which has high viscosity in winters because the oil will lubricate the engine even in low temperatures.

  1. Check the wiper blades

Wipers are essential on foggy winter mornings. You need to check that the wiper blades are not cracked or hard. If they have cracks or lack smoothness Replace them before the onset of winter.

  1. Inspect the functioning of the air conditioner

You might be thinking why you would need an air conditioner (AC) during winter. A well-functioning AC is important during winter. It not only circulates the air in the cabin but also demists your windscreen, thereby making it convenient for you to drive.

  1. Ensure that the fog lamps are clean

During winters, you need to ensure that the fog lamps are clean and are functioning properly. With the fog not getting clear even during late mornings, the lamp is an added security for you as they make your car more visible. It will make the car visible to other road users. Moreover, you need to check if all the bulbs in the rear are working and replace them if necessary.

  1. Review the quality of Tyres

Efficient tyres are important on any day. However, they are a major requirement during winters. You do not intend to start your day with a flat tire on a cold morning. If you think that the tires need replacement, do it right away.

Apart from these aforementioned six tips, you need to ensure that your car insurance policy is renewed on time. It will keep you safe when you are on the road. You need to know what is third party insurance before you purchase a car and ensure that you have adequate coverage at all times. It is mandatory to have a third-party car insurance plan in India, and if you fail to renew the policy on time, it could lapse. Apart from third-party insurance, consider availing a comprehensive car insurance policy, as it will financially cover you in case of own damages and third party damages. Check the premium payment date and ensure that you make the payment on time to remain protected while on the road. Also know about what is ncb in car insurance

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