Here are 5 Checks you Must Conduct Before you Start your Long Bike Trip

A bike that rests in the garage without tasting the asphalt of the road is no good. A lot of us buy our bikes, thinking that we will go on long trips, perhaps to the Himalayas, or ride along the coast of India, immersing ourselves in the scenery it has to offer.

When you finally get the time to take the bike out and join your friends or go alone for a ride, the last thing that you would want is something to go wrong, something that could add much hassle to your bike ride.

Here are five checks that you must conduct to make sure that your ride is smooth and steady, and that you focus on nothing but one thing during your entire bike trip — the joy of the ride.

  1. Getting two-wheeler insurance

The first factor that you must consider is getting good bike insurance. Now, you can buy bike insurance online at reasonable costs. Online purchases also give you the option to get the cheapest two-wheeler insurance.

Once you have proper insurance in hand, you can stay out of legal trouble and make sure that your ride is secure. You can also rest assured that your motorbike will not be a financial burden in case anything wrong goes with the bike trip.

  1. Have good riding gear

Riding gear, such as jackets and gloves, is designed in a manner that protects your body and supports it during long rides. They also help you minimize  injury in case of an accident. About accidents: it is advisable to buy bike insurance online on Finserv MARKETS before you set out on a ride to make sure that you are financially ready for anything that may come your way.

Do not underestimate the importance of having the right bike gear. If you have been on a long ride before, you will know how vital good bike gear is.  It protects you from harsh weather conditions, such as rain and wind, and ensures that the   oncoming force of the wind has little effect on your stance and that you can ride long-distance in single stretches.

  1. Carry a physical map

On long bike rides, you may cross areas that may not have good network coverage, and this is where your phone’s map may stop functioning. To make sure that you do not waste time figuring out the way, it is recommended that you carry a physical map with you. A good, detailed map which can be purchased online, or in stationery shops, can help you stay on the road.

If you do not get a map, then places with low network coverage — such as the mountains — can waste much of your time as you will always have to ask around for directions. You might even get lost!

  1. Carry a repair toolkit

Do you know what can put spokes in your wheel? The tire getting punctured!

To avoid such a situation, carry a puncture repair toolkit — for both standard and tubeless tires — so that you do not have to go through the trouble of hitchhiking from point A to point B to fetch a mechanic.

You should also know how to fix these punctures. The best way around it is to spend some time with a local mechanic before you set out on a ride so that you keep  these points in mind. To stay on the safer side, check that your headlights, brakes, and cables are in place and in good condition as well.

To avoid financial damage in case of accidents, it is recommended that you buy bike insurance online before setting out.

  1. Carry enough water

One cannot stress enough on how important hydration is during long rides as long bike rides can leave you worn out. Before you set out on a journey, carry a couple of large bottles of water  so that you have enough water during long stretches, when there are no shops around, as highways can have miles between shops. It is especially necessary if there are two people on a bike and you are riding at night. Carry enough water so that you stay away from the devil of dehydration.


Now that you have got your basics right — good bike insurance, sound gear, maps and water, and a toolkit, you are good to go!

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