Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them When Buying A Used Car

If you are going for a used car instead of new one, the chances are that you are looking for a low-cost, handy and competitive option to move in the city and outside. Thus, you want to invest the less time and effort you can.

However, used or new vehicles are a big investment; and like any purchase you want to get the best deal, not to mention that most of drivers choose a loan length of about 3-5 years. Buying a car is certainly no financial joke; it’s a commitment you definitely don’t want to sign up if you are not obtaining the most of it.

Buyers make series of mistakes when purchasing a used car that end up costly in time and maintenance. Here we mention the most common of them and how to avoid them.

Not checking reviews because is cheap  

Costumers are seduced for low priced cars. The situation gets even worse if the cost of the car is substantially less than they expected. Furthermore, skilled sellers know how to use this in their favor. As a result, buyers purchase without looking for a second opinion.

Looking for reviews is vital if you end up liking different car than the one you had in mind before going to the dealership. Many vehicles considerably decrease their performance after certain mileage – could be 20,000 or 50,000 the number varies with the brand and model.

The best you can do is not rushing the purchase. Ask the seller to secure the car for a day, or even half day while you do some research in forums about the efficiency of the car after several thousand kilometers.

The sales agent wants you to buy a car as much as you want it too – even more. No matter what they say, always do your own research. In case they can’t secure the vehicle, you can always try a different car dealership or the model you had in mind originally.

Going with the first offer

Nobody wants to spend days or weeks looking for the best dealership. There are many businesses options in the market, which confuse costumers that end up asking for a recommendation from a friend and going for it. Buyers want to spare time looking for the ideal business to purchase the car, yet they can miss great offers by going with the first option.

Take a couple of days to gather information about car dealerships in the area. Some businesses offer more reasonable prices for particular brands and models, since they may have deals with manufacturers.

Although, it’s almost safe to think that the most famous car dealership is the best one, there are small businesses that can offer competitive prices for the model you want.

Additionally, if  you’re not in a rush to buy a car, considering car dealerships in other counties is a great option for saving couple bucks. Remember that the taxes you pay are for registering the vehicle in the region you live, not where you bought the car.

Falling in love with a model

It happens to buyers for used and new cars. But what can I say? We want what we want. However, your dream car may not be the safest option to purchase in terms of performance.

There are two situations possible here: the car you choose is more expensive that you thought, or you went to the show room and liked a different model that resulted costly.

In first place, researching about the car you want to buy is important, but your budget takes priority. Therefore, if you are not sure what the range of price is for the model, is safe to go to the dealership with more than 1 option.

Now, if your first option perfectly fits your budget but you like a different car when you are in the dealership, don’t let the sale agent convince you right away. Take your time to decide if you actually can afford it, if not, don’t acquire debts you will be tight to pay.

Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them When Buying A Used Car

Forget to carefully inspect the car

If it’s strangely inexpensive, probably is a trap. Car dealerships don’t sell cars with low prices because they want to help you save money; they do it because they have to.

No matter how good they assure the car is working, inspect by yourself the mechanic and electrical system. If are not very skilled in cars mechanics, ask an expert to go with you to the test day.

Remember that big car dealership companies often won’t sell cars that have been flooded, since they have a reputation to protect. On the other hand, small business can play this card and make incredible offers to costumers with tight budget, suspecting the past of the car.

Laura Pájaro is an engineer working as a writer for Hi Lo AutoSales. She likes writing about cars and finances, besides drinking coffee and swimming in the sea.

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