Xylobands Dazzle At Corporate Events!

Making an Unforgettable Impression

Does your company wish to create an extraordinary corporate event? Have you searched for ways to help your firm really stand out?

Make a dazzling impression by utilizing Xyloband technology! This powerful visual effect delights audiences. It empowers a sense of greater unity and inclusion through the careful use of colored lights. Your guests will recall your event with delight when you use Xylobands effectively

Xylobands Promote Brands

Xyloband technology relies upon radiofrequency transmitters and the power of long lasting, durable LED lights. Often worn as wristbands or lanyards, or distributed across a dining room via globes on tabletops, Xylobands transform a darkened hall with vivid eruptions of brilliant, coordinated color.

Your firm can select Xylobands in color combinations matching your corporate or brand logo. Event organizers can even orchestrate the illumination of the Xylobands, causing them to pulse in unison or light up on cue. Imagine the power of this type of well-organized, colorful lighting display?

Xylobands Dazzle At Corporate Events!

A Dazzling Corporate Assembly

Xylobands provide an excellent way to command attention at corporate dinners, shareholder meetings, parties, special presentations and seminars. When everyone’s wristband begins pulsing in the colors of the company logo in unison, participants notice the dramatic lighting effect on both a conscious and subconscious level. Using Xylobands helps reinforce the messages of speakers in a profound, enduring manner.

Xylobands will thrill your audience, too. Most people appreciate creative lighting displays. A multitude of brilliant LEDs transforms a darkened meeting room, conference center or arena into a fascinating visual landscape. Enhance your corporate image and charm your guests by investing in Xylobands to distribute as gifts at your next important event.

Capture The Proceedings on Film

Some firms maximize the impact of Xylobands by filming events utilizing this powerful special effect for use in social media marketing campaigns. A large darkened hall or auditorium suddenly illuminated by audience members wearing LED lights in corporate or brand colors offers a very dramatic backdrop for a formal company presentation.

As a social media tool, Xylobands truly excel. Participants enjoy watching footage of corporate gatherings they attended which included this phenomenon. They’ll share company videos with others to show them the visual impact of their Xylobands. Company planners who wish to initiate a significant “buzz” around a new product, brand or program find the use of Xylobands at preview events very helpful as a marketing tool. Xylobands provide a cost-effective way to inspire enthusiasm and favorable publicity!

Reserve Your Xylobands Now!

Would you like to explore the use of Xylobands by your firm? We welcome inquiries from corporate planners and company marketing departments. Bring us your queries about Xylobands. We’ll endeavor to supply useful information you can use as you plan your event.

By incorporating Xylobands into the proceedings, you’ll create a genuinely memorable gathering. You may also greatly assist your company’s social media marketing efforts! Call Xylobands now to discuss using Xyloband technology. Let us know the LED colors and the number of wristbands, lanyards or table top globes you require.

The Xylobands USA technology team come from 35 years of experience and are simply the best.  From TLC Creative, their expertise will not only provide you with exceptional ideas for how to make your event stunning and memorable, but they will take the stress out, knowing that their experience, reliability and dedication will kick in to be sure everything goes off as you envision.

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