Writing A 1000 Word Essay Paper

Writing an essay is a complex task on its own, especially when you are given a short word limit of only 1000 words. The biggest difficulty in writing an essay of such length lies in the requirement to show all arguments and counterarguments by the end of the word limit. The goal of every essay is to support the key idea of the writer, which is even more complex when you need to do all this in only few phrases and sentences.

Writing a 1000 word paper can be frustrating and time-consuming, which is why we gathered some advice of expert writers at a reputable research paper writing service.

Writing A 1000 Word Essay Paper

Organize Your Time

The first step for writing a great essay is to manage your time properly. Many students procrastinate thinking this is a less time-consuming task and get left with only few hours to craft a good essay. Of course, this method always results in bad end results.

A proper, high quality writing requires not only few hours before the deadline, but even few days. You can do little bits for a couple of days, even for an hour a day, but the goal is to manage your time properly in order to write a great essay within the deadline.

Follow the General Steps

Regardless of your essay’s limit, it is always best to follow the same steps that are recommended for any type of article. These steps include researching, reading, analysis, writing and revision.

Once you do proper research and read with the goal of familiarizing yourself with the topic in question, you will be able to write your 1000 word paper. Analyzing the data will allow you to come to a conclusion on the topic, while the revision process serves to check your text for errors and inconsistencies.

Try to Avoid Filler Words

Being limited in terms of words does not allow for thousand sentences, which means that you must present the topic in only 1000 words. In the cases where you have a lot to say and little room to do this, you must make sure that your sentences tackle the biggest issues and present the ideas in the shortest possible way.

Write Without Stopping

The first draft of your essay should be done by writing without any limits. This strategy will allow you to express all your ideas without worrying about errors, syntax and vocabulary, after which you can spend some time on revisions and editing.

This strategy may end up in a length that exceeds the word limit, but do not worry. Even if you write 2000 words instead of a thousand, you can reduce word count and connect thoughts later in the revision. Writing all your ideas on a piece of paper or a document will clearly show you what the most important points are.

Pay Attention to the Structure

People make the mistake to disregard the structure when given such a complex task. When writing your 1000 word essay, you must pay attention to every part of the essay, its length and order. Additionally, you should always check if the resources used in your paper exceed the appropriate amount.

The best structure for a 1000 essay should look like this:

  • Introduction – 50 to 100 words
  • Thesis 100-200 words
  • Body 500-700 words
  • Conclusion – 50 to 200 words

Make sure that you follow this structure and manage the word count according to the word limit provided by your professor.

Being assigned a shorter task does not necessarily mean that you will need less time to finish it. In most cases, it is exactly the opposite, since you will have to write all necessary information in a set number of sentences. When writing a 1000 word essay, you must make sure that you plan the writing process by managing the time correctly and follow all requirements for crafting a brilliant paper.

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