Why Ketones Matter- Should You Measure Them Regularly

Every decade has its own fashion, trends, and hips. Every area of modern life is affected by this, even health and foods. Regardless of their potential effects and or benefits on our health, diets have changed the way we think of our nutrition. It is a matter of not only satisfying our needs and hunger but also about providing our bodies with the best sources of fuel for its functions. Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet is one of such diets that can reduce a lot of health hazards.

Why Ketones Matter- Should You Measure Them Regularly

Ketogenic Diet

This is one of the most famous diets nowadays. It is a food plan in which the intake of carbs has been eliminated or at least highly reduced. This diet includes the consumption of good fat, protein, and veggies in reasonable quantities.

Glucose Versus Ketones

It is common to believe that our brain works only with glucose, but the fact is that ketones are also a source of energy for the right functioning or the brain. The science behind this goes something like this: in traditional diets, we consume a lot of carbohydrates (mainly in the form of sugar), and these carbs are then metabolized by our bodies to produce glucose, the main brain fuel.

Ketones are equivalent to glucose but made out of fat. That is to say, they also serve the purpose of providing energy to the brain and muscles of our body, but they do not come from carbs, they come from the fat that is accumulated in our bodies.

How Do We Produce Ketones

When the body runs low on glucose, such as in a low carb diet, it starts to break down fatty acids into ketone bodies. These run in your blood and are later eliminated through urination.

There is a tricky part with Ketones; they cannot get too high in our blood system. In a regular healthy body, the system will find the ways to keep ketone levels in your blood balanced and away from any risky quantity. But if you are following a Daily cyclical ketogenic diet or if you suffer from Diabetes, it may be necessary to keep an extra eye on your ketone blood levels.

Test Yourself For Ketones

If you feel it is necessary to test your ketone levels in your body, then you should try a blood test or a urine test. Blood tests made by professionals in laboratories are a safe option because you are sure that it will give you accurate results that can be later read and interpreted by a doctor.

The urine test option can be made at home. Home testing kits can be purchased without a prescription in many drugstores. If you are feeling sick and think it can be due to high ketone levels, you may want to try an at-home test as a first option before calling the doctor.


The most dangerous part from a high reading of ketone levels in your blood is Ketoacidosis. As the name itself tells us, ketones make your blood acid, and this can lead to serious consequences such as swelling in your brain, unconsciousness, coma or even death.

Check Ketones And Sugar

High ketones levels in your blood do not immediately translate into ketoacidosis. Glucose levels also play a major role in this condition, and the main piece of advice any doctor would give to someone is to check sugar levels along with ketone levels. All this should be done especially if you are following a specific ketogenic diet that may alter the composition of your blood.

Keep it under control

Most keto diets are a great way to lose weight. Even though the fear of Ketoacidosis is there, many people have found that checking their ketones levels on a regular basis has helped them find the perfect amount of carbs to be consumed in this low carb diet.

Many people had chosen to share their knowledge and tips when they tried this Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. You can try to reach them so as to learn how to adapt your diet to get the benefits of keto diets and avoid all the nasty consequences or side effects.

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