Why Is Smoking So Harmful For The Human Body

It is well known that cancer is a disease that is one of the biggest causes of death in the whole world. And individuals who smoke cigarettes are aware that this is a terrible habit that is ruining their lives. But it seems that they are addicted to cigarette smoking and they can’t quit. Many cigarette smokers say that this process gives them a pleasure, satisfaction and is calming them down. Salvosa mixed martial arts is here for you if you decided to start with martial arts.

Maybe they are right at some point because of the nicotine that cigarettes contain. But they forget to mention the thousands of other dangerous chemicals that cause damage to the whole body. No one mentions the acetone – a dangerous chemical that is contained in the cigarettes.

Many of you will agree that smoking cigarettes is a disgusting habit for the one who smokes because it smells terrible and has negative impact on the overall health. It is important to note that there are many surveys and studies about the negative effects of cigarettes, but these researches say that people who wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is smoke cigarettes have almost 80% higher chances to get a lung cancer compared t other smokes who take their first cigarette at least one hour after waking up. These people will develop a lung cancer in the next few years if they continue to do the same thing they are doing. Smoking cigarettes in the morning immediately after waking up is the worst thing you can do to your body. It is like you’ve smoked 50 cigarettes at once. A complete shock. They say that they feel good after smoking, but this may be just a strong wish to feel better, but they never accomplish what they want so they light up once cigarette after another. They wait for cigarettes to make them feel better, but in fact it is making them feel worse. Cigarettes weaken the immune system, the dangerous chemicals go directly into the blood all the way to the heart and the lungs and the risk of getting a disease is very high.

One of the best thing a cigarette smoker can do for themselves is to quit smoking immediately. It may be hard at first, but your health is the most important thing here. Once you stop smoking cigarettes, you can focus on some hobby, for example practicing martial arts to improve your overall health and increase muscle mass. This is what your body needs. A healthy lifestyle, healthy food and regular physical activity. In just a short period of time, you will feel more energized, full of life and happy. Isn’t that what we all want? Well, the decision is in our hands.

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