Why Do People Smoke

Smoking is a habit that affects both young and old. Smokers range from teenagers to elderly people who have smoked for almost all their lives. Some smokers are willing to quit the habit, while others are comfortable with smoking. People take up smoking for various reasons. Let us look at common reasons why people choose to become is smokers.

Why Do People Smoke

Copied Habits

Some people have grown p among smokers all their lives. Such people are very likely to adopt the habit of smoking. A smoking father or mother is likely to influence his children to become smokers. If close relatives and friends smoke in front of children or teenagers, chances are that these teenagers will take up smoking. Parents are advised to keep some of these habits aside when they become children. It is always a worthy sacrifice when children are involved.

To Look Cool

Teenagers and young people face social challenges as they discover who they are. Most teens fall into the smoking trap as they try to fit in and look cool among their peers. The addictive nature of nicotine gets the better of them, and they become avid smokers. Most smoking teenagers adopt the habit at school and from their peers.

Most popular artists glorify smoking in their videos, and this influences the youth into smoking to become as cool as their favorite celebrities. A teenager is vulnerable to peer influence and measures should be taken to prevent such occurrences. Parents and guardians should instill moral values in their children as early as possible. A child with a high self-esteem is unlikely to get influenced by negative practices.


Cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine that is very addictive. You might not realize how addicted you are to nicotine until you skip your cigarette. The withdrawal symptoms that follow are severe, and that is why smokers are stuck to smoking. Nicotine addiction requires special therapy to overcome, and it is a long process.

People are advised to keep off the cigarette, and if you are already a smoker, it is possible to quit and live a healthy life. You can start the Nicotine Replacement therapy where nicotine patches are placed in the body to relieve the urge of smoking on your way to recovery. You can also use nicotine gums and oral sprays to curb the urge to smoke.

Relieve Stress

One of the reasons people are stuck in smoking is because of the relaxing effects of nicotine. This substance calms the nerves and makes one feel relaxed and high. You might have seen people smoke vigorously after an argument or an intense moment. These people use nicotine to calm them down and to relax their mind. There are other healthy ways of relieving stress like exercising or meditating. Any cigarette you take has a consequence to your body.

People who are already caught up in smoking can switch to alternative ways of ingesting nicotine. Vaping is one of the healthy alternatives that will get you the same feeling of tobacco without all the negativity that comes with smoking. A vapor is filled with best e-liquid and then inhaled without the production of tar and smoke.

Parents and guardians should be on the lookout for signs of smoking. The smell of tobacco is the first thing that sells out a smoker. Once the habit of smoking is started, there is no turning back. The good news is that many people have successfully quit smoking. The best prevention from tobacco addiction is not to start smoking at all. Smoking parents should work extra hard to quit this habit to prevent it from passing on to the children.

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