What You Can Do About Broken Windows

When some people find a broken window, they call a window company and immediately buy a new window. You may not have enough money in your budget to cover both the cost of that window and the cost for someone to install it. Leaving your broken window as-is is potentially dangerous though. Not only does it leave your home vulnerable to thieves, but it can serve as an entrance for the squirrels, birds and other wild animals living on your property. Even if you cannot replace that window for a few weeks or longer, you can still protect your home.What You Can Do About Broken Windows

Remove Any Broken Glass

Make sure that you remove any of the broken glass inside and outside your home. Shattered glass left on your carpet or floor is a hazard for anyone walking through the room. Glass that falls outside can injure friends, neighbors, family and even your pets. You’ll want to remove glass stuck to the window and the frame too. Those shards can impact any of the coverings that you use and poke holes in the covering that lets warm or cold air inside.

Cover the Opening

It’s important that you cover the broken window to keep animals and people out. All you need is a utility knife and a piece of cardboard. You can use any type of box that you have around your home for this step. Cut the cardboard into a piece that is slightly larger than the opening in the window. This lets you form a seal between the broken glass and the window. If you want even more protection, you can cut the cardboard down to a size and shape that matches the entire window.

Fill the Gap

You need to both seal and fill the cardboard as it rests against the window. Using ordinary duct tape will work in some climates, but if you experience a lot of rain or snow, the moisture can cause the tape to peel away from the wood or glass. Caulk is a good option that will adhere the cardboard to the window too. You can also use a thin film on top of the tape or sealant for added protection. This film sticks to the glass once you apply some heat. Use the film on the inside and the outside of the window. These steps will keep your home safe until you can get a new window.

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