What Will You Prefer – Building A Site or Buying It?

One needs to decide whether to build your own eCommerce website or buy the one instead. It is one of the most important decision one needs to take while starting their business online. It’s not an easy decision so to help those people setting a right path here in the article some pro and cons are provided below. Also, an example is given to help you clear out the things easily. Like a well developed company that is paypal has started its business at small scale and now it is touching the great heights.

What Will You Prefer – Building A Site or Buying It?

Now, it is helping the people who are thinking to start their own business at small scale through its paypal customer service.

  • Building A Site

Pros: The biggest advantage of building a website of your own is that you will have all the control over the design of your website. As the design plays a vital role in attracting the customers. If your website will not look good then the customers will not get attracted to your products and services. Now, one is thinking of how to build it of your own? Then the easiest way is through the content management system (CMS) like WordPress. For this there is no need to know the programming languages and also with the help of this, you will be able to save your lots of time and money. This CMS serves you with large number of features. So, don’t waste your time now and start quickly with your ecommerce website or blog.

Cons: As building up a powerful website platform is a tough job, so one needs to have programming knowledge or some technical knowledge. It is easy to use the CMS tools but at some points you may require some technical knowledge too. So, one can prefer to hire a software developer whom you can trust to develop your website as per your needs and requirements. But hiring a developer doesn’t means that all your responsibilities are over, you still have to think about the design, content strategy, navigation, search engine optimization, and of shopping cart functionality to fetch more traffic and to develop a successful online business. So, overall it’s a challenging process.

Other things that needs to be considered

When you have set your mind and you are going to start your website then first thing you need to decide is that what CMS platform you are going to use. Only the content and the layout don’t build up your website but one must make sure that your website must be easy to use and update. Choose a right domain name of your website which is unique as well as interesting. To purchase the domain you can make payments easily through paypal and the paypal tech support providers will help you in registering your domain easily.

  • Buying A Site

Pros: Buying a website that is already developed means there is no need for you to invest a lot of efforts that will help you came out of the initial phase of the development. When you are purchasing the already functional website means that you will be taking over everything that comes with it when you were making it of your own. Through this step you will get a great chance to focus on only one thing that is taking your online business to the next phase and growing it day by day with great plans and strategies.

Cons: It is quite difficult to find an online website that is already developed as per your business needs and requirements and is available for sale. So, one need to do great research to get the website that will be able to fulfill all your requirements i.e. design, performance based on traffic and ranking, revenue model,  authenticity, etc. One of the biggest disadvantage of such website is that you need to spend a lot more to buy such an existing online business rather than building of your own.

Other things that needs to be considered

There are several marketplaces available online where you can buy such websites like Flippa, these websites sell the well established websites. Instead of contacting to this website agents, you can also contact directly to the owner of the website to let them know that you are interesting in buying your websites and to discuss all the essential details. If you are investing your money in purchasing the website then purchase the one through which you can compete with your competitor’s websites and will help your business grow in coming years. Negotiate with the owners so that you will be able to buy it within your budget. Also, keep in mind that the website you are buying has targeted traffic for your products and services and the site is having the keyword you are targeting rich content.

As all the pros and cons of both buying a website and building a website are discussed above. So, one need to take the decision by thinking on it. Take time and think on your decision as it will all result you in your business that you planning to establish.

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