What To Consider When Choosing A Design For Your Pull Up Banner

When you’re trying to promote your company, your brand, or a new product or service, it’s not always easy to figure out what approach to take – there are a lot of variables, and when we’re talking about something new, a lot of unknowns. That’s exactly why knowledge of your company and an understanding of your brand as well as research regarding your target demographic is so important.

What To Consider When Choosing A Design For Your Pull Up BannerOn the other hand, designing a good pull up or pop up banner for your next event is not all that hard – as long as you follow some straightforward rules. If you’re thinking about your next upcoming event and wondering how to make the most of your banner, then this one’s for you: here’s what to consider when choosing a design for your pull up banner.

Proclaim yourself

You don’t have much time to proclaim your message, so make sure you proclaim yourself well – use colours and images, as well as the right fonts, for optimum effect. Your goal is to make sure you attract the attention of the passersby first and foremost; to deliver your message second.

Your logo is important

People read from left to right, and from top to bottom (at least in the western world). Your logo is important, so make sure it’s somewhere at the top, preferably to the left or in the centre. Your logo must be seen – it’s brand recognition, and it allows people to trust you even if they have never tried your new product.

Location is key

Because roller banners come in various sizes, you want to make sure that the size and the location it will be placed in are compatible. Often it’s a good idea to have your banner printed on both sides; these double-sided banners can be placed in several locations, depending on the occasion.

Keep it simple

Your banner is not a menu-card, and neither is it a pamphlet or brochure. Its primary purpose is to attract attention and to get people interested. Keep the content to a minimum. Keep it simple – but be bold and proud.

Ask for help

There’s plenty of professional help to be found – either for advice or for design. Use it. It’s certainly worth the investment considering the potential return.

It’s easy to make something that looks good – the idea seems to be right – but looks bad (meaning, it just doesn’t work). At these times, you need to look to the professionals and ask what you might be doing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with that – believe it or not, often a simple correction (such as the font or the choice in colour) can make a big difference. Design it well and design it professionally, regardless if you’re creating outdoor pull up banners or roll up banners for indoor use; you want the best results, after all.


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