What Should Be Included In Your Car’s Service?


As all car owners should know servicing your car is a holy practice, which should be done regularly for reaping benefits in the long run. New oil and air filters makes sure the engine is running smooth and addresses issues like under inflated tyres which reduce rolling consumption, regular servicing makes the car more fuel efficient. You need to do car service depending upon how much distance is travelled, how often you change your oil, how longer your engine will last etc. It also depends and varies on the model of the car you purchase.

What Should Be Included In Your Car’s Service?

Usually car service is described as a series of maintenance procedures carried out at regular intervals after the car has travelled a certain distance. There are several types of servicing offered in the market the most common are basic or interim servicing, full servicing, major servicing, minor servicing or customized servicing as per your needs. An interim service is usually carried out at six months or when a car crosses 6,000 miles and not everything is checked in detail. A major service will be performed when the car crosses 24,000 miles and 24 months and includes a change of filter, spark plugs etc.

A full or major service will include a detailed check on the following area for car services: 

  • Lights: All services include a comprehensive check of the front, rear, side & main lights, brake & reverse lights, fog lights & registration lights and whether they are in good working condition or not. Indicators and hazard lights will also be checked.
  • Fluids: Oil filters are checked and whether they should be replaced or not. The main motive is to test the capacity of the engine and what level of engine oil can it consume and will top it up or replace if necessary.
  • Brakes: Full inspection of brakes is usually included in all services. Brake pads and pipes which deliver brake fluid are checked and whether they are in good working condition or not otherwise they are replaced.
  • Tyres: Checking for damages such as cracks and punctures are included in all services. They also ensure if the tyres are inflated to the necessary pressure level.
  • Electrics: Battery should be checked for leaks and if it is damaged it should be replaced. The wiring is also checked for wear and tear.
  • Instruments: Electric instruments like rev counter, speedometer, mileage counter, gauges and warning lights will be checked and tested.
  • Windscreen: The front and rear windscreen washers & wipers are checked whether they are working or not.
  • Engine: All of the engine parts and component go through vigorous testing such as checking the transmission, rear axle, clutch, air, fuel filters etc. In interim only basic specifics would be checked whereas in full most of the components would be checked but in major all of the engine components are checked in the car service.
  • Car’s Interior: This service is included in full & major service but not basic service. Whether the airbag or seat belt works in the event of accidents or collisions or the handbrake is working or not is checked. The mirrors, seats, interior lights and the doors and locks must be in working condition.
  • Vehicle Road Test: After all of the elements are checked the car is taken for a road test which is like a test drive to see whether all of the components together are working effectively or not.

A basic car service takes about 90 minutes but major services vary depending upon the vehicle model and specifications of the services. If you are unsure about which service to opt for then you can also refer to a manufacturer guide book.

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