What Is The Job Of Boilermaker?

Boilermaker is a job of a skillful or trained craftsman who performs the task of steel fabrications with that of tubes and plates. Originally, it came from the fabricate boilers. The job of boilermaker came forward in the heavy industries such as engineering and shipbuilding because of the use of iron in these industries. Well, not many of us are aware of the fact of a job of a boilermaker. It is among some of the tough jobs, which is full of danger and needs precision.

What is The Exact Task that the Boilermakers Do?

The work of a boilermaker comprises of many things including assembling, installation and repairing of boilers, vessels, closed vats, or containers with gases and liquids. They underwent rigorous training through apprenticeship. Besides, they tend to get their skills by working on sites and learn in training programs. Usually, they go to the building factories and sites or ships to perform their task. Since, the boilers, vessels, or tanks are used to heat fluids or waters under extreme pressure condition, which is generated with the help of electricity to provide certain heat. This is because of these tanks store, beer, chemicals, oils and other such products.

What Is The Job Of Boilermaker?

In General, They Perform the Following Tasks:

  • To determine the positions, dimensions of the parts they use blueprints to fix repair or build big containers.
  • Their job involves laying out the prefabricated components and parts of the big vessels and boilers before assembling it.
  • They also work to install pre-made or smaller boilers in the manufacturing facilities, buildings, and other such establishments.

Boilermakers also Assemble Boiler Tanks Inspect and Test Boilers: 

  • Mostly, they perform the work of assembling boiler tanks with the help of automatic welders or by using the robotic technique.
  • Apart from that, their job consists of inspecting and testing of boilers and other such systems for and defects, leaks, or faults.
  • The Boilermakers are also responsible for cleaning vats with the help of cleaning solvents, wire brush, and scrapers.
  • Additionally, they perform replacement or repairing of the broken pipes, valves, joints by using the welding equipment, power tools, or gas torch and other such handy tools.

What Is The Job Of Boilermaker?

Where do Trained Boilermakers Work?

Primarily, the work of a boilermaker is a tough task, as it is dangerous and physically demanding. Therefore, the person must be strong enough to move heavy vat components in its place.

  • Hence, the prime quality of a boilermaker is higher endurance and to be strong, as their work involves standing for hours, lifting heavy boiler parts, working in outdoor even in extreme weather condition be it cold or heat.
  • Usually, the storage tanks, boilers, dams, pressure vessels are large and placed outdoor. Therefore, they should be prepared to deal with all these circumstances. Their job is a great responsibility. They need to maintain and keep up the big boilers and vessels in the right condition.
  • In addition to this, the boilers or big vessels are made of elements such as steel, iron, and other such materials. Hence, to improve the quality of the boilers and repairing of the boilers there is a need of Boilermakers in the industry.

They must be well acquainted with the power tools, mending, bending, cutting, and performing other such important tasks. They must be familiar with using the tools and equipment rightly in the process of repairing and assembling the boilers accurately. Their task is to ensure there is no leakage or fault in the boilers. The Boilermakers need to go through specific processes of certification, and they also need to have practical training and exposure to multiple boiler making and welding experiences, for multiple industrial experiences.

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