What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pedestal Fan?

Pedestal fans are convenient for maintaining an effective air flow inside the room. You can use these fans both indoors and outdoors. The motor power and the closed space determine the performance of the fan. Pedestal fans are an excellent choice for large, open areas. With regular usage, pedestal fans become dirty. They attract a lot of dust. You must be wondering how to clean a pedestal fan. You can learn to clean a pedestal fan in the best way with the procedure listed in this article.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pedestal Fan?

The cleaning of pedestal fan deals with disassembling the fan components, cleaning them completely, and then reassembling the components again. This sounds easy but a person, who is not accustomed to the procedure, may find it difficult. Check out the following procedure to clean the pedestal fan effortlessly.

Take Necessary Precautions

Before you start with the procedure, make sure you have unplugged the fan from the electrical socket. This is the most crucial step to avoid any injuries or damage. If the cord is connected and the circuit is complete, you might experience an electric jolt. After removing the cord, roll it up so that entangling is not an issue. You would not like to fall while cleaning the fan!

Disassembling the Fan

Now, this procedure deals with different components of the pedestal fan. Make sure you have a screw driver with you. This will be required for unscrewing purpose. Follow the listed points to disassemble the fan.

  • Unscrew the caps that bind the grills together. This way, you can remove the front grill after unscrewing. In some of the cases, you just need to flip the tabs to unlock the grills.
  • Now, unscrew the cap that binds the blades on the pedestal. After unscrewing, remove the cap and the blades as well. The blades may be screwed onto the center or they may be loose.
  • Now, it’s time to unscrew the back grill from the pedestal. Again, unscrewing the nuts will help you in removing the back grill.

Clean the Dust and Residue

Now all the components of the pedestal fans are disassembled. You should clean the dust and residue accumulated on the components and the pedestal. Instead of wiping it, consider using a vacuum cleaner that will suck in every particle of dust. This way, you can clean it up faster and with much more efficiency.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pedestal Fan?

Wash the Blades and Grills

Prepare a solution by mixing dish liquid, or detergent, and water. Submerge the fan grills and blades in the solutions and scrub them using a cloth. Clean the components extensively to remove all type of dirt. After washing them in the soap solution, rinse them properly in fresh water.

After this, you need to wipe water using a towel. After wiping them, keep the components in sunshine or in an open space. Let the components dry properly.

Reassemble the Fan

Now the washing procedure is complete. You can reassemble the fan components by following the reverse procedure listed in the disassembling section. Do it carefully to avoid any mishaps.

Follow this procedure to clean your pedestal fan. You don’t need a professional to accomplish this task. With some guidance, you can do it yourself. Know more about the energy efficient BLDC pedestal fans.

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