What Characteristics Do Real Men Have Today

“Real” and desirable men are often those who are brutal, who end up cheating on their partners. Worthy, honest and (God forbid!) intellectuals are the second class. Uninteresting. The most popular are women with the largest collection of high heels and plastic body. Because everything that is natural is deplored. Men are afraid of being tied up, they get away from marriage, spend more time in front of the mirrors than with their partners. Or they become highly violent, because they think that is the only way to preserve their masculinity.

What Characteristics Do Real Men Have Today

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Although many women feel that stable and committed men are extinct, that it is not so and they still exist.

A real man is the one who does not mess her thoughts and feelings. In addition to him, the woman feels loved and safe, and above all, she is stable. She then does not question whether everything works well, whether they should change something (although it is not clear what and why) just so save the relationship.

A real man is not afraid of commitment. There is something in today’s men that often hinders them when they start to feel something for a partner. And then they say that they cannot fall in love”, “because it’s not the right moment” or because “it immediately means you will have to marry her.” It is certainly better to try (and maybe make a mistake) than to regret after running away.

A real man is not afraid to show emotions. He knows that this does not mean that he is less of a man, but on the contrary it means that he is accomplished, safe, and therefore without fear of emotions.

A true man knows that giving some initiative to his partner does not mean that he is “less of a man.”

A real man is not misleading his wife. It’s just all about her. There is always a certain belief that only women should seduce men, and the fact is that there is no happier woman than the one who knows that she is still desirable and appealing to her husband, just the way she is. Because men do not know how insecure women can feel because of stretch marks, cellulite… And the low self-confidence that goes with them. And there is no better way to show that she is desirable regardless of all that.

Do not be afraid to show real emotions to your partner or make her/ him feel wanted and loved. We all deserve to experience real love and spend our lives with a person who cares for us.

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