Welcome To The World Of Pizzas

Among all the beloved food in america. pizza seems to be the most favourite of new york people the variety of flavours pizza offer I don’t think any other dish ever can provide to someone who is totally obsessed with pizzas .Everyone has their own different kind of pizza varying from barbeque to margeurita, mexican style and the list goes on like this. If you are a pizza lover most of the time you only seek to find new places where you can satisfy your appetite and rest in heaven with peace. Nothing more important to you than getting as much as good pizza you can. No wonder if you travel a lot then food and travel go along hand in hand or if you are a pizza lover than no matter what you can go to any extent to taste the best pizzas around the city or may be around the globe.

Welcome To The World Of Pizzas

The starter pack for all

No wonder, if you travel all the way down to the best pizza shop in new york. You can’t even imagine having something else other than your beloved pizza. but if you are giving thought to take your friend with you who always make an excuse because he already went insane of your pizza obsession habit. then there is a place called “new york pizza” shop, serve some great appetising snacks too. Sandwiches and pasta is considered one of  “the” best stuff by the customers who ate it there before based on the reviews of people.

your own pizza

What if i tell you that you can design your pizza too? Difficult to believe? but this is absolutely true. you have an option to design your pizza and add ingredients according to your taste bud preferences. All you need to do is demand and have your self made pizza ready.

Treat for a family

Your birthday party is still due? And now you are knackered by giving excuses every time

Then finally you do not need to worry about it anymore. The gigantic pizza which serve over 8 people is perfect to order for. when you are surrounded with all pizza freaks waiting to enjoy your party to fullest. “King kong 24” is the one you need to order. Go ahead and give your friends a sight of relief by surprising them.

Desserts on top

The love for desserts are endless.what could be better than having delicious dessert after your pizza. It is always a cheery on top if you finally find both of your favourites dish at one place isn’t it? Some of the delectable desserts you can try after you are done with your pizza thing. Strawberry and chocolate cheeze cake is so obvious to make it to the list of every foodie person. It is all time favourite of all of us. Tiramisu and ny style cheese you should check on your list for your next food trip. These two addition to your list will definitely fulfill your cravings for desserts.

Now what’s the wait for? Tie up your shoe laces and eradicate all your craving those are popping up from a decade. Gracias.

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