Warm Climate Activities In Cairns

Perhaps one of the greatest things in Cairns is that, the moment you step out of the airport, you know you’re going to have an extravagant summer vacation. Your itinerary must include these two activities that we highly suggest here at EverythingCairns:

Hot Air Ballooning

Warm Climate Activities In Cairns

This activity is perfect for the tropical weather Cairns has. Down there, you can swim or walk depending on the kind of activity that suits you. But with the hot air balloon experience at Mareeba, you will be looking down at the vast lands of Cairns that can be beautified when you are gazing from up there.

You can book a balloon flight online and make sure that you have researched about that day’s weather. Some tours will make it easy for you as they offer a free pick up from any hotel in Cairns. There are a lot of benefits for early birds as well. Travelers can enjoy and witness how the balloons are prepared and talk to locals to gain knowledge about hot air balloons.

Warm Climate Activities In Cairns

White Water Rafting

Experiencing the rivers in Cairns should also be a priority. With Australia’s rich rivers, you can indulge in this thrill-seeking activity. First, you will feel like it’s just a smooth stroll as the trees pleases your eyes but make sure you get a good grip, because it will suddenly move faster until the end.

There are certain levels you can choose from and rafting professionals willprep you before it starts. Whether you are a beginner or a daredevil, you’ll be having something that will definitely meet your standards. Don’t miss the white water rafting activities in Tully River and Barron River.

The city is also quite near the Great Barrier Reefs. In there, you can swim with friendly sharks and witness the corals with their color and inhabitants.

Warm Climate Activities In Cairns

Saving Money in Cairns

Travelling is a privilege that requires some cash, that’s for sure. But in Cairns, you can find some great deals to save more money on your next trip.

Instead of staying in a 5-star hotel for the most part of your trip, lodge in the nearest hostel too. It’s cheap and you can meet some travelers to guide you all the way. Dorm rooms may cost you 16-30 AUD per night.

But if you prefer a place that has access to a swimming pool, then 3-star hotels can still be a good choice. The price may be higher but there is WiFi access and breakfast will be served.

First time travelers in Australia will have to understand how the public bus system works. You can save more if you don’t settle on taxi rides alone. Catch a free shuttle ride from hostels when you’re out of options (and cash). Uber is also a great option, but trying their local rides will add more meaningful value to your trip.

In Cairns, you won’t run out of activities. Hot air balloon for those who prefer an aerial trip. Water rafting for those who prefer to get wet under the warm weather. Or maybe both?

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