Ultimate Guide To Cheap Car Rental Services

Business travellers, migrants and an average person fall under the category of using car rental services habitually. After its debut in Delhi, car rental services are progressing in leaps and bounds. A high majority is shifting to this new experience as it is pocket friendly and gives you the freedom to travel in any car of your wishes. But the consumer is unaware of the best deals available or the shortcomings he might have to face. There are some pitfalls that can be avoided while hiring car rental services. We have compiled them below for the consumer’s convenience.

Ultimate Guide To Cheap Car Rental Services

  • Opt for Pre- Booking- There is a huge rush of people on weekends and holidays. Expecting to get a ride on a cheap rate on a crowded day is impossible. It is therefore best to go for booking in advance. Go to various sites, research a lot and then choose. This way you can get the car of your choice and avail all the discounts that are available.
  • Check for Insurance Cover- Before going to any car rental services, it is important to check for insurance with your own company. This is because every car rental will offer you insurance, but it is your decision to  make. If you buy the insurance from the car rental company, then no claim will appear on your auto insurance. As a result, the benefits of no claim policy will remain unaffected.
  • Scrutinize in Advance- When the car is rented to you it becomes your responsibility. Any damage to it will be your headache. It is the best to take snapshots of the car before using it. Even any any kind of scratch or breakage must be documented or else you would be found responsible. Check every small detail from inside and outside of the car. Inspect the wheel rims, fenders, seat covers, glass, doors and bumpers. This way even if there is any fraud claim on you for damage you will have a proof. Recovering a damaged is there main way of earning profit.
  • Fill the Gas Tank as per your Requirements-  Once you use the car service, fill the tank to its exact amount as it was earlier. This is because the car rental services will charge extra amount for the gas utilised. Make sure you manage some extra time before returning the car to fill up the tank again.
  • Group Deals- Clubs and travel associations will provide you with extra benefits. You can also take tie up services like with an airline ticket you can a book a cab and avail huge discount. You can contact any travel agent also for a packaged discount.
  • Experiment with Smaller Companies- It is advisable to check local car rental providers as they they give better services and are more flexible. Smaller companies are looking for new business and therefore they are willing to give the best service. There charges will also be minimal as compared to bigger companies.
  • Use Smartphone Booking- Smartphones are easily available and convenient to use. Computers are available everywhere and in an emergency cell phones will also work.

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