Top 5 Best Political Programs of MSNBC

When it comes to political news and updates then name of Msnbc comes along with other news channel. Although many people think that msnbc news are biased but many other stick with this news channel . The reason is that this channel brings the best quality political news, programs and updates. Today, you would be able to unlock a list of 5 best shows of msnbc.

Top 5 Best Political Programs of MSNBC

Morning Joe

When it comes to best political news programs then name of Morning Joe always pops up first. This show is hosted by Joe Scarborough with two co-hosts. It goes on air from 6 to 9 AM Eastern Time. It is a must watched show for those who wants to keep themselves updates about the latest happenings of politics and sports world. The show features not only current affair updates but also offbeat stories. You get a chance to listen opening bells of New York Stock market as well.

The Rachel Maddow Show

It is the most popular daily news and opinion program of msnbc live channel. It goes on air at 9PM Eastern time. Mostly people are at their home during this time, that’s why this show has the highest rating and wider audience all over the globe. But timing is not the only reason behind its popularity, it is just one factor another or simply the main factor is the quality programming. You are able to get the most liberal viewpoints from this show regarding any current political affair. This show and its host won awards and also received many awards nomination due to outstanding news and analysis.

Msnbc Live

This program is titled as “Place of Politics” during election season. It is one of the most watched show on Msnbc channel. It goes on air for eight consecutive hours on the channel. During these hours, you get the chance to enjoy the complete political world discovery. You can watch talk shows, debate programs, documentary, videos, opinion programs, news updates, etc. Show offers you insight into the day stories and highlights.

Hardball with Chris Mathew

This show offers you a clear idea about the current political affair. Although host of shows gives opinions about other day stories yet the main topic of this show is “political issues”. There are three segment of this show. First segment highlights soft political news while in second segment top strategist come and debate on a recent political matter. A political fix is a third segment in which you can watch roundtable discussion regarding the political story of the day.

The last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

This show presented by Lawrence O’Donnell and it won “GLAAD Media Award” for outstanding TV journalism.  If you want to get last word about the most amazing story of the day then you should watch this program. You can get conclusive nature remarks about any day story from this host. Basically, it is an interview program that features many different political personalities. In the first episode, host interviewed the Vice President of America “Joe Biden”. This show is famous due to its “Rewrite” format since host helps you understand the statements and sentences of a political guest.People like this format , so they love to watch this program.

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