Top 10 Foodies Places To Visit In Madrid

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Summer time is here and vacations are just getting started. People always love to experience different things when traveling, from nature, people, culture, and foods. However, I bet anyone who travels can’t wait to know and taste the diverse types of food there can be around the world. In every country in the world, the history and culture are what creates the typical foods of its country; when eating the typical foods of another country, is like learning more about their culture without having to read a book. That is why is important to always know the typical food of different places because every place got a different history and culture.


Madrid is a very beautiful place to travel, it’s the capital of Spain. There is a part of Spain in America due to its discovery and how the Spanish conquered many places in America. Therefore, many people are interested in going to Madrid and explore the culture and history. If you are one of those people, and you have never been to Madrid, I have a list that belongs to the foodies.

Top 10 Foodies Places To Visit In Madrid

1. Secret Food Tours

This is a tour given to a few people for them to enjoy the delicious foods that the city of Madrid has to offer. Not only that, the tour will guide the group to historical Madrid’s streets and its secrets, and entertain the group by sharing stories and facts about Madrid’s culture and history. Secret Food Tour Madrid have about 6 stops, and all of them have a different type of foods and drinks. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in a guided tour that also includes the cultural foods of Madrid.

2. Go To The Markets 

Anyone who goes to Madrid does not have to go only to restaurants; the markets will give love and food too! There’s plenty of popular markets like Mercado de San Ildefonso, Mercado de Antón Martín, Mercado de San Miguel and many others. The Markets will provide traditional Spanish foods and drinks to try in a fun way.

3. Visit And Eat With The Locals

This is a very bizarre way to enjoy a Spanish meal, but a new adventure! This new movement of EatWith is providing many foodies to enjoy Spanish meals in a unique way. They allow their locals to welcome tourists to their homes for them to try a traditional Spanish meal. It can become a special place, where strangers become friends thanks to food! This is completely safe to do due they inspect the home before being accepted by EatWith.

Top 10 Foodies Places To Visit In Madrid

4. Try The Sea Food 

Let’s just start off by saying that Madrid has the second biggest fish market in the world! Any foodie can try to visit the Sea Food markets, or the sea food restaurants.

Sea Food Places To Visit:

  • Marisquería Rafa Restaurant
  • Ribeira do Miño
  • Marisqueria Cerveceria Villas Restaurant
  • Círculo Marisquería
  • El Pescador
  • Criado Marisquería Restaurante

Top 10 Foodies Places To Visit In Madrid

5. Go To The Sweet Side 

Pastries in Madrid are very popular due to the amazing sweets they create. It does not matter if it’s 7 am or 5 pm, there’s always a time to eat pastries. From a delicious NapolitanaRoscón de ReyesBuñuelos, to Turrón and many different pastries to try! Forget about the diet, and enjoy the greatness of sweets.

Pastries Shops To Visit in Madrid:

  • Mamá Framboise
  • La Mallorquina
  • Pastelería Cármine
  • Fonty
  • La Duquesita

6. Eat Back Streets

Don’t stick only to the fancy restaurants, many people in Madrid say that the best foods you could eat are founded in the back streets of Madrid. Many tradition, history, and culture can be found in those streets. Anyone who is interested in the beautiful culture and food traditions this is a perfect way to eat!

7. Cool Off 

The heat sometimes can be overwhelming, but there’s always a solution with food. There are many artisanal creations to find in Madrid like ice cream, Popsicle, frappes, horchatas, and many more refreshing drinks or foods. They are mostly made with natural ingredients and juices!
Places To Find Refreshing Drinks or Foods:

  • Heladería Kalua
  • Alboraya
  • Lolo Polos
  • Gelatería La Romana

Top 10 Foodies Places To Visit In Madrid

8. Get Breakfast

After a long Spanish night, it can be a great option to get a coffee and a nice homemade breakfast!
Places To Have a Nice Breakfast:

  • Café Federal
  • Casa Dani – Tortillas
  • Café Carmen 17 Bistro
  • Pum Pum Café

9. Spanish Drinking

Before leaving Madrid, is always essential to have a taste of their traditional drinks. Madrid has some of the best wines in the world. There’s also more than sangría and cervezas tradicionales; also, drinks in Madrid can include delicious cocktails like vermouth, sherry, and gin & tonics.
Places To Have A Spanish Drink:

  • La Cocina de San Antón
  • The Roof Bar
  • Del Diego Cocktail Bar
  • La Venencia
  • O’Neill’s

10. Go Vegetarian

There are multiple food tours in Madrid that provide vegetarian, or vegan meals. From tasting a good Salmorejo or gazpecho, which is a cold soup essential for summer days; tortillas de patatas, which has eggs, potatoes, and salt; churros con chocolate, and delicious olives as an addition to any Spanish meal.

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