Top 10 Data Storage Services Providers In 2017

An amazing amount of data is being generated everyday by Internet users, majority of which is generated by individuals using different social media sites. As per a study, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created each day.Isn’t it a tedious task for enterprises to store and manage such a huge amount of data in their in-house servers? And the most important point is – are they secure? In fact, data stored on businesses’in-house servers is not safe, it is prone to the natural calamities. Also, it involves a huge capital expenditure in terms of purchasing servers and other hardware equipment, and hiring IT professionals for monitoring and managing a large IT infrastructure. These factors led to the innovation of the Cloud technologies, on the basis of which, online data storage works. Apart from creating backups in-house, enterprises are embracing online data storage services for a number of reasons, such as – enhanced data security, ability to access data globally, file sharing and synchronization, cost-efficiency, and so forth.

Top 10 Data Storage Services Providers In 2017

Now, you learnt that using an online data storage certainly has a sharp edge over the external hard drive storage. Online hard drives can neither be broken nor be stolen, so it’s safer than the traditional one. Also, the incredible features of online data storage make it the need of the hour.

What is online data storage?

Online data storage, also referred as Cloud data storage, is actually a modern practice of storing electronic data with a third-party services provider, unlike the traditional mode which uses a HDD or a server connected to a local network. Data stored online is more secure and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with great availability enabling employees to work from home or while traveling.

Online data storage is called by a number of names like, Cloud backup, online backup and online hard drives etc. So, don’t get confused by these terms as they all represent the same mode of data storage.

I’m sure you have become well aware of the amazing benefits of the online data storage now. What evolves into important thereafter is the picking a right storage provider. But now-a-days there are so many online data storage services providers available in the market, each with distinct offerings. This makesit moreintricate proposition for a CIO (chief information officer) looking for virtualizing company’s critical information. To help you out, we have done rigorous research and have enlisted Top 10 online storage services providers in 2017. Here are they:

  1. Google Cloud Storage
  2. DataBaGG
  3. CloudOYE
  4. AT&T
  5. Amazon Web Services
  6. IBM
  7. HP
  8. Microsoft
  9. ComputeHost
  10. Go4hosting

All of the aforementioned providers are amazing and market leaders. Some of them are big brand as their parent companies have great reputation. But considering all of the underlying factors, be it services, performance or cost-efficiency, I would recommend you to go with DataBaGG. It is a decade old online storage services provider having three state-of-the-art data centers dispersed across the country.

DataBaGG always endeavors towards the newer innovation in the industry. I recommend you DataBaGG not just because it offers best prices, but for the amazing services it offers its clients to augment their business throughputs. Amongst all the public folder is the most important feature that provides customers an easy to use option to share videos and to embed them on their Websites.

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