To What Extent Is The Development Of New Technologies Having A Negative Effect?

Technology has permeated into our daily lives to such an extent that we all have become dependent on it in some ways. It would be no wring to say that we have become dependent on technology and made technology as contingent part of our lives. New technologies have direct negative effects on human health. Different kinds of apps and growing trends of social media and their effects on human can be taken in this regard. This article will discuss some of the points highlighting the negative effects of new technologies.

To What Extent Is The Development Of New Technologies Having A Negative Effect?

Increased Cybercrimes

No doubt technology has played a dramatic role in enhancing the quality of life by giving us so many easier ways in banking, trade and commerce and in communication. But we also have witnessed increase rate of cybercrimes. It’s all because of growing technologies; sensitive data of different companies have been stolen by hackers by utilizing latest technologies. Various companies have been trapped and looted by malicious agents with latest technological tools. Moreover, cyber bullying and harassment are the other issues which have affected the psychological wellbeing of victimized individuals.

Health Issues

Health issues are also seen among teens and adults. They have been captivated with the constant use of technology without considering the negative effects of technology on their health. Insomnia is the most common problem among the youngsters. Their sleep patterns are disturbed and they spend most of their time playing games and watching movies and other unnecessary things on computers. Insomnia is directly related to low performance in daily activities of people. Moreover, we have also seen drastic consequences of technology in the medical world. The constant exposure of x-rays is quite detrimental to health. Cancer patients go through radioactive therapy and there are increased chances that they would develop second cancer which results due to the continuous exposure of radioactive waves/x-rays.

Lack of socialization

Lack of socialization has made people isolated. People don’t spend quality time with their families rather they like to spend time with strangers on social media. Many innocent people have been trapped in treacherous schemes on social media. Latest trends in technology have given us improved ways for communication but people have made it an obligatory thing for killing time. This has practically cut people from each other and they are isolated in times of need. People also face mental issues with least socialization in real world. They have created their imaginary world and this is disturbing their real life. This is affecting youngster’s academics as well.

Environmental Issues

Technology has provided us with efficient means of transportation without providing the solution to efficiently curb the environmental pollution. Every single body possesses cars and vehicles which has double the environmental pollution in recent years. In addition to this, depletion of ozone layer is also increasing day by day which pose a serious threat to all the living beings on the earth.

Increased laziness

Primitive people were quite active as compared to contemporary men. We are so much dependent on technology for our daily activities that we have lost the basic vigor and potency of life. This dependency has made us non resilient and lazy in long run. Growing technology has substituted creativity from Google. We consult Google from educational problems to daily life problems, which have made us dependent to rely on technology without considering our strengths and capabilities.

Although, technology has given so many facilities in every domain but yet, it is unable to give proper solution to all those problems which have arisen due to new technologies. Thus, it can be said that technology has highly affected all of us in several ways.

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