Tips To Keep Your Flat Cool During Summer

With the summer heat, the need for air-conditioners rises with the temperature outside. But, have we ever thought about those people who do not have the luxury of ACs or coolers. Trust me, it is pretty hot outside and is simply unbearable. Apart from the usage of air-conditioners and coolers, we can certainly have other alternatives and still get rid of the heat and simply enjoy the season. Using these home based tricks will not only keep your rooms cool but make a difference in the environment as well. The tricks will save the planet and help you make it a better place to live in. We have done some thorough research and here are a few interesting tips to keep your apartment cool without even using the air-conditioner or water cooler.

Tips To Keep Your Flat Cool During Summer

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Close Your Blinds

Did you know the most interesting tip to keep your house cool? It is none other than making use of the window treatments. During the daytime, when the scorching heat is making things worse, close the windows and blinds immediately. Pulling the curtains and closing the windows will block the sun and gradually make your home cool from that unbearable heat outside.

It would be great if you can make your blinds wet and then cover the windows. As you switch on the fan, automatically there will be a cool breeze blowing. When it is evening, open up the windows and blinds and let the cool air come in.

Make Use of Fans

When breeze can make you feel cooler then why not make use of the fans. For example, if you are using a standing fan or a box fan, then make sure you place an ice water bowl in front of it. No wonder, this would give a much cooler breeze than you have ever thought.

Close All Unused Rooms

Closing off the unused windows is very important if you want to make your apartment cool. Remember to close the duct vents of the rooms which aren’t in use and then close the door immediately. As hot air can have the scope to seep under the door, throw a rolled-up towel right at the bottom of the door. You can also make use of a door draft stopper. This will help to make your room(s) remain cooler.

Do Minimum Cooking

Needless to say that anything you do or cook uses heat and is sure to increase the temperature. In fact, during summer cooking is one of the major culprits. It would be great to avoid using the stove and cook in your microwave.

While cooking, do not forget to use the chimney or stove fans. This will not only clear out the gas, but help you keep your apartment cool.

Hope, these above-mentioned tips keep your home cool in this scorching season. Summer can be fun only if you can bear the heat with the homely tips.

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