Tips For Writing Your Resume For Job-Hunting Success

When you’re looking for a new job, you know how important it is to set yourself apart from the field of competitors. You want to present a resume that highlights all of your strengths and makes it clear that you would be the best choice for the job. This can be overwhelming for some people, especially if their work history is spotty or unusual, if they have changed fields, or if they are missing an educational or experiential component that is required for the job. Fortunately, by following the recommended format and selling the best version of yourself, your resume can help to give you a leg up in job-hunting success.

Tips For Writing Your Resume For Job-Hunting Success

First of all, think about your work experience and decide which format of resume will work best to highlight your abilities. If you’ve had a fairly straightforward work history that leads towards the job you’re applying to, choose a traditional, chronological format. This will show your work experience well and will make it clear that you’ve been climbing the ladder of success. When you list each job, be sure to specify when you learned in the position and how it will help you in the job you’re applying to now.

If on the other hand, your career has taken a number of twists and turns, or if you’ve experienced a large gap in your employment, choose a functional resume format. This style emphasizes the skills that you have accumulated, instead of the years that you have worked. For this resume style, focus on what you did at each job and what skills you learned, demonstrated, and mastered. You should still be ready to explain the gap in your work experience, but often employers care more about what you can do than your specific work history.

No matter which format you choose, make sure you also include a section on your education that highlights your training. This will demonstrate that you’re prepared for the job, whether or not you’ve gone to college or another school. Highlight any relevant training you’ve received. For example, if you have arc flash training from an organization like Facility Results, make that very clear. Your employer cares most that you’ll be able to do the job on day one.

A little knowledge can go a long way with writing your resume. Your job-hunting efforts can succeed today.

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