Tips For Improving Boring Content

There’s one thing content could never be: boring. If your content marketing strategy is suffering from lack of interest from readership in general, here are several tips that will help improve it:

Get Help from Professional Marketers

If you are uncertain about the direction of your content marketing strategy, perhaps it’s time to get help from the pros. If you content is not driving traffic or user engagement, you may benefit from consultation services offered by affordable providers like Primal. The pros will be able to tell you where you have gone wrong in your overall strategy. You will be able to take advantage of advice based on the latest trends in content marketing. If you are willing to pay, professional marketers will be able to devise a state of the art content marketing strategy for your brand.

Tips For Improving Boring Content

Use More Visuals

Is all your content entirely or mostly just text? Then that’s probably why everyone thinks your content is boring. Text is not enough to grab the attention of web users who are constantly distracted by newsfeeds and search pages littered with ads and other content. Web users in general are driven by visual imagery. If you want your content to be eye catching, then include a compelling image or two. When you post links to promote your content on social media channels, prominently use images to stand out. Using vivid colors may also help. Visual appeal should not be overlooked when creating content.

Use Different Formats

Don’t limit your content to short articles. Spice it up occasionally posting infographics, video, charts, slide shows, and other formats. These different formats also indicate a change of pace for your loyal readers. Another thing to notice is that, as mentioned above, these other formats also prominently use imagery. That’s important to grab attention. So experiment with different styles so that your readers are not bored.

Make Video

Video is a highly compelling mode of content with excellent potential to drive traffic. Making videos is not as expensive as most people think. If you decide to shoot a video, that may cost money. But nowadays you can make great videos using images, infographics, simple animations and voiceovers. Keep in mind that videos have viral potential too. Also, mobile users are particularly keen on watching video than reading articles, because text is usually shown much smaller on small smartphones.

Make Content Interactive

Interactive content is content that delivers knowledge but also engages the user. An online quiz is a common example of interactive content. If you have the resources, you can even make short Flash games to engage users. Interactive content is far more effective in driving user engagement and traffic. If your content has a boring problem, make it interactive and you will see immediate positive results.

Use Emotional Triggers to Drive User Engagement

Boring content usually has boring headlines. If you want people to click on your links, the headlines must be attention grabbing. There are several ways to make headlines attention grabbing and very click-able without misleading readers. You can try using emotional triggers. Here’s an example: “You’ve worked hard all week–now indulge yourself.” This headline appeals to the user’s sense of entitlement. Emotional triggers can make users curious, relaxed, justified in a belief, or reassured. Use them to create interest and drive traffic.

If you follow the above tips, you will be able to create excellent tech content that is interesting and compelling.

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