Tips For Cleaning Your AK-47

Even though the AK-47 is known for its ruggedness and durability, it still requires some basic maintenance every now and then. It can withstand lots of sand, grit and dirt internally. However, some basic cleaning and maintenance will keep it working great and can greatly extend the life of your rifle. There are many different styles of cleaning methods and most are really diverse.

Tips For Cleaning Your AK-47

Choose Cleaning Products

One of the more talked about cleaning products used for military rifles is a product called CLP Breakfree. It contains a lubricating teflon ingredient that works wonders for all basic rifle and gun cleaning needs. It was designed by the military and is available for public use. Light gun oil is also a great basic machine oil. It is best to use for basic protection of all metal surfaces.

Cleaning Tools

Aside from some good cleaning products, you will need some cleaning tools to use as well. A bore brush is best used to help get the gunk out of the rifle grooves. A good chamber brush is also necessary for keeping the chamber clean as well. In some cases, an old toothbrush may suffice and get the job done. A cleaning rod is needed to clean down the rifle’s bore. Use the rod with some patches or some pieces of a cut-up tee shirt. The patches should be small enough to move easily through the bore but not so tight that you risk bending your rod.

Field Strip Your Gun

Before beginning to field strip your gun, be sure it is unloaded. Never strip a gun before ensuring that it is empty. After removing all necessary pieces during the field strip, you will first use the cleaning products and tools mentioned above to do the initial cleaning. Once done, you will need to finish the cleaning and start degreasing it. Use your cleaner of choice to spray all the interior parts and leave a nice, greaseless finish.

Keeping your AK-47 clean and functioning properly is all part of being a responsible gun owner. No matter which cleaning method you settle on, it should be done on a regular basis if you use your rifle often. If you find that basic cleaning is not enough, you may need to obtain some AK 47 accessories like the ones found at

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