Tips For Affiliate Marketers In 2017

As we know that people involved in affiliate marketing are regularly looking for new ways to attract visitors, and one of the most effective way to increase visitor count on website/blog is through performing SEO on it. From small business blogs to corporate websites, the world of SEO is loaded with affiliates looking to improve their earnings, reduce their regular work efforts, and make a long-term promotion resource.

The mistake most affiliate marketers do in their SEO strategies is choosing inadequate offers to develop websites that simply are not successful in the long run, SEO campaigns run by affiliates are often let down by beginning errors or simply an undesirable disturbance.

Tips For Affiliate Marketers In 2017

Following tips are for affiliate marketers who want to generate 100% traffic from SEO in 2017. As a long-term visitors’ source, it is hard to find anything better than genuine Dan Anton SEO-powered promotion. These tips will help you determine whether SEO is worth it, make a great SEO strategy, and evaluate its profits successfully.

SEO Strategies to avoid in 2017:

  1. Blog and article spinning
  2. Spam blog commenting
  3. Duplicate websites
  4. Hidden text and cloaking links
  5. Keyword stuffing
  6. Doorway pages or bridge pages

SEO in 2017:

In 2017 Google updates has made SEO easier for legitimate marketers, most importantly SEO is now can be used with social media to improve search ranking and organic traffic. Facebook shares, Twitter tweets, mentions, Google+, Pinterest pins and re-pins etc are the easiest way to promote your content, now you don’t have to pick up a list of 1000 social bookmarking websites and start working on it until it ends.

Author rank is another factor for getting high traffic and user’s trust. Writer’s avatar, trust indicator, linking of Google+ profile to the content are the key points here. Also High quality content, guest blogging, graphics like info-graphics and images, white papers, videos are sustainable content marketing strategies.

Checklist For SEO in 2017:

1. Meta tags:

Title tag and description tags are the most important element of on-page SEO strategy. The title tag is not more than 70 characters and description tag is not more than 160 characters are the best way to put them on the website, and also there must be no keyword stuffing, no spelling or grammar mistake in that.

2. Site-map:

Site-map submission is another factor to discuss here because when a crawler or bot crawls the website then it is easy for them to navigate on the inner pages.

3. Navigation and usability:

This is very important from the user’s point of view because when user land on the website then it should have the following elements:

i.) Proper navigation
ii.) Viewable images
iii.) Click-able links
iv.) Properly displayed videos
v.) Correct formatted for all browsers
vi.) Not using unnecessary java-scripts or flash

4. On Page content:

When writing content for on-page SEO you should always check for silly mistakes like duplicate content, grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, keyword stuffing, irrelevant content and excessive content.

5. Some other basic things:

There are many things to know when it comes to SEO like ALT tags and image, loading speed of the website, proper robot.txt file, user-friendly URL, 301 & 302 redirection etc. If I missed something here please let me know in the comment section.

These are some of the basic things that you can do to improve your SEO strategy. To begin off, just focus on these three elements: keywords, blogs and meta tags and your website will begin moving up in the rankings and generating more and more visitors.

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