Things You Should Know If You Buy A New Sofa

Almost everyone has a sofa in the living room. From two seater and three-seater sofa and sofa bed, the choice is huge. A sofa buying is therefore quite difficult. Are you looking for a couch or a sofa with a more active sitting? And what color? Living room furniture experts can help you choosing the right sofas in Melbourne. A new sofa set is a decent purchase. It is not only a large amount, the sofa also determines to a large extent the appearance of your home. Are you going for a sleek design bench or rather a huge comfortable copy? When purchasing a sofa, there are some points where you have to reckon with;

Things You Should Know If You Buy A New Sofa


Choosing the right format is one of the hardest things. Always measure the bank well into the shop and boots after him in the living room. That way is good to see exactly how much space he occupies. Do you have a large living room? Therefore choose a major bank, so he did not drown in space.


You can choose a sofa in a bright bold color, but there is a chance that it gets boring. A sofa in a neutral color is more secure, you can then play with pillows and throws to give the bank more color.


The material has a lot to do with stains and wear. Dust example, is much more sensitive than smear leather will wear out faster. With children’s learning so often a wiser choice. However, there are fabric sofas with removable covers that are machine washable.


You can choose a bank is an active or a couch. What one finds comfortable seating is personal. A bank with an active is better for the back. Would you can lie on the couch, then a corner sofa is a smart choice.


The two-seater sofa fits in the smaller room; the two-seater sofa set is also ideal, but also for a dorm room or in the bedroom. In the living room, two-seater sofa is often combined with another two-seater sofa or a couch. It is also possible to combine it with armchairs, ottomans, or a stool. Or purchase directly a complete seating combination, then you are sure that all furniture fit together.

Three Seater Sofas

The three seater sofa has room for three people. Some three-seater sofas, however, are so spacious that you even with four to sit. This bank is quite wide and there is quite some space to put him down. The bank is ideal for families. Usually the three seater sofa is combined with a two-seater sofa or armchairs. There are also banks with a different number of seats than two or three.

Corner sofas

A different kind of sofa is the corner sofa. In this sofa two banks are linked together so that they form a corner. This can, for example, two two-seat or a two-seat bench and a bench three. What we often see is a corner sofa with chaise longue on which a person may be this sofa does have fewer seats.

Modular bench

Want to completely build the sofa the way you want it? Then choose a modular sofa. This is a bank of separate elements which can be coupled to each other. In this way, the bank can be fully tailored to your personal wishes. Corner sofa or lounge chair to a three-seater sofa, you can endlessly combine the individual elements. There appears to longer still need more space? It can also be extended to the bench after a long time. So the sofa can for example grow with the family.


A sofa bed or sofa bed can also be used to sleep on. Most sofas can be converted into a single or a double. They come in all shapes and sizes. One bed is better than the other. As it is widely used, it is important that the bench can be easily folded. There exist a number of systems for sofa-beds, the most common:

  • The backrest of the bench can be folded flat, and thus forms a bed.
  • A tray is pulled out under the seat which can be folded out. This creates a double bed.
  • The seat of the bench can be folded out into a bed.
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