The Secret Of Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Solar energy comes from the sun light. Sunlight is a strong power source. Did you know the vitality that it offers for the Earth? We’re able to control just 0.001 percent of this energy.

In case you are already inside the solar technology mood and therefore are prepared to make the investment, we are here to greatly help. For advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, just browse the lines below.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

1. Reduces Electricity Bills: Probably the biggest benefit of solar energy is quick electricity bill savings. Regardless of how tiny your installation, you start receiving more compact monthly bills from your own local utility company from the first day. Just how much you save well on your costs will probably be reliant on how big is the solar system as well as your energy or heat use.

The Secret Of Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

2. Environmental Friendly: Solar energy is completely environmentally friendly. In comparison to fossil fuels which discharge greenhouses gases, carbon dioxide, and carcinogens, solar panels don’t discharge anything into the air.

3. Renewable Energy Source: Of most the advantages of solar panel systems, the most crucial thing is that solar energy is a renewable energy source. It could be harnessed in every part of the globe and is also available each day. We all cannot go out of solar technology, unlike a few of the other resources of energy. Actually solar energy will be attainable if we get the sunlight. Therefore the sunshine will be accessible to us for at least five billion years whenever according to researchers the sun will probably perish.

4. Different Applications: Solar energy can be utilized for different purposes. You will generate electric power (photovoltaics) or even heat (solar thermal). Solar energy could be utilized to generate electricity in areas without the usage of the energy grid. Solar technology can also be built-into the components used for properties.

The Secret Of Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

5. Technology Development: Solar technology is continually developing, many uses in intelligent home systems. Sun installations are rising by an unbelievable 50% every year, the majority of which can be little homemade devices. The solar power technology is constantly advancing, and improvements can intensify later on. Improvements in quantum physics plus nanotechnology can potentially raise the effectiveness of solar power panels.

6. Low Maintenance Costs: Solar technology systems don’t need a lot of maintenance. You just have to keep them fairly clean; therefore cleaning them once or twice annually can do the job. Most dependable solar panel producers offer 20-25 years guarantee. Also, as there are zero shifting parts, there is no deterioration. The inverter is normally the only component that requires being changed after 5-10 years since it is continuously attempting to convert solar energy into the electricity (photovoltaic) plus heat (solar thermal).

7. No Need To Connect With Power Grid: You’re not necessary to connect the power grid. You may be completely self- sufficient plus live off-the-grid. No need to pay a monthly bill or even hookup charge.

8. Government Duty Credits: Most government authorities provide some taxes credit or bonus for individuals purchasing solar technology systems. On an average, rebates cover 20-30% of the system expense. Contact your neighborhood representatives for additional information.

The Secret Of Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

9. Extremely Reliable: Solar panels are reliable. There are no shifting parts, so you need not get worried about exchanging anything. A lot of people generate power meant for thousands of hours with little or even no maintenance.

10. Available Solar Panel Systems: You can see a huge selection of solar panel systems obtainable. Some cost $10 plus some cost simply a couple hundred. It implies anyone to get in solar; there’s a great entry point for almost every person.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

There are several disadvantages to solar energy that you should be familiar with. These have to be considered if you install a residential solar power system at your home.

    • A solar power system once installed turns into a part of your house. Whenever you move, the solar system stays with your house.
      · Solar power can’t work very well for large gadgets that use an electric heat component such as electric warm water heater, electric oven, electric house furnace, etc.
      · You have to buy or construct a system. The costs produced by installing solar power panels are rather high. Besides, solar technology is not consistent.
      · During the night time and rainy days the solar system will not produce virtually any electricity.
      · The price for every peak watt to get a residential solar system installed is higher than what the electrical utility companies charge per kilowatt hour.
      · Depending on your geographical area, hail could be a genuine issue for the photovoltaic panels. Just before investing in a residential solar system, find out from the producer how long lasting the panels are regarding hail.
      · To create a system, it is complicated. Therefore you will have to buy a guide and pay hundreds of dollars for the materials.
      · You have to provide maintenance to the system.


The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy are many. They are some of the major ones that you need to be careful, particularly if you are thinking about having a residential solar powered system installed. You can certainly evaluate yourself that benefit is obviously head from drawbacks. It is true that solar energy has bright future. Currently, electrical engineers are highly suggesting solar energy due to its low cost and the various advantages toward earth also. 

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