The Best Types Of Party Food To Serve Your Guests

For a party to be a success, it is essential that a spread of food is put out for the guests to enjoy. Ideally, this will be finger food as this allows your guests to eat as much or as little as they’d like. Here are a few different types to consider.

Food is an essential ingredient of any party. Whether you are hosting a party for a few friends, a kids birthday party or a huge cocktail party, your guests will be expecting food of some sort. This allows them to relax, plus it can also be an excellent way to impress your guests and encourage them to socialise with one another.

The Best Types Of Party Food To Serve Your GuestsUnless it is a dinner party, it is important that you serve finger food. Finger food is light and easy, which means that your guests can continue to talk while they eat. There are all kinds of finger foods that you could serve at your party, but here are a few of the best types.


Canapes are the ultimate party snack and one that is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. This is because they look fantastic, and are full of flavour. There are endless variations to consider, which means that all tastes can be catered for.


Sandwiches are a snack that practically everybody enjoys, plus they are also incredibly quick, easy and affordable to make. It is important that you serve a few variations so that all tastes are looked after easily. A few popular types include tuna and mayonnaise, ham and mustard or egg and cress. These sandwiches should be cut into small triangles so that they can be eaten quickly also allowing guests to try a selection.


A visually impressive Italian antipasto which also tastes brilliant, bruschetta combines the traditional flavours of basil, tomato and olive oil on top of a grilled piece of bread. This is sure to be very popular with your guests.

Bread and Cheese

Bread and cheese are another excellent form of finger food that the majority will enjoy. You could have a few bread rolls to choose from and then a cheeseboard with a selection of different cheeses. People could then make their own sandwiches with the other items that you have on the table.

Cold Meats

Cold meats are another popular choice and can work well with the bread and cheese. Sliced ham, sliced chicken, salami, cocktail sausages and parma ham are a few options. These meats should be placed on a plate separate to other dishes.

These are just a few of the types of finger food that you could serve. By getting your party food delivered by a catering company, it will take the stress out of creating these dishes yourself and allows you to focus on other areas of the party.

Having a wide spread of food that caters to different tastes is essential for any party and will help it to be a complete success.

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