The Benefits Of Hosted Telephony For Growing Businesses

A modern business has to have a fully integrated communications system that fits with its ethos and encourages smooth communication, bold processes and a simplistic procedural and administrative framework in order for all employees to understand how it works efficiently. A quality telephone and communication system helps employees to be able to effectively communicate with colleagues in other departments, get on the phone with suppliers to engage regarding current contracts and suppliers, and most importantly speak to clients about any issues or upcoming products or services that may be of interest to them. Without a robust and long lasting hosted telephony service your company could fall behind competitors and be left in the dark ages in terms of organisational chaos.

With that in mind, what can a modern hosted telephony and phone system provide to a forward thinking company that is looking to push on and grow within a competitive industry? A growing company wants to be able to succeed right now, with an eye to scaling up effectively in the future, with the organisational framework to do so.

Great Flexibility of Communication Options 

The humble telephone is still a vital part of every successful business and in every office space and workplace across the land. The difference between modern day telephones and traditional office phones is that there is no longer just a need to have a fixed telephone on one desk. A good hosted telephony and communications system will offer flexibility of use, so if an employee needs to work from home, or through a mobile phone whilst in transit, they can do so comfortably whilst utilising the company number.

The Benefits Of Hosted Telephony For Growing Businesses

Scalability of Use for Growing Businesses 

A quality hosted telephony service should offer no restrictions and limitations to the number of telephone lines and phone numbers required for a business. As a company grows, so too does its requirements for extra lines and numbers to be provided. It is vital that a company can guarantee that there is minimal downtime and disruption and being able to count on access to communication is an important part of that process.

Security of Data and Information 

With modern day businesses being inundated with data from all angles it is important that you have stringent processes and protocols in place to deal with the storage of data and information. A hosted telephony and communications service of good standing will back you all the way, providing secure storage and data recovery and back-up services alongside the physical aspects of communication.

Grow Through Efficiency 

A hosted telephony service worth its salt will be set up in a way that immediately negates the risk of missing telephone calls coming in to the company. You never want to risk missing an important client or supplier call, and a hosted service will provide call options for multiple lines under one number, suggested diversions and even voice messaging services.

As the owner of a growing business make it your priority to provide you employees with the highest standard of communication and telephony equipment and processes

Jay Baker

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