The Beauty And Benefits Of Backyard Water Features

As the winter melts away and the wonderful weather of Spring beckons us to return to the outdoors, it’s time to start thinking about making fresh improvements and additions to our back yard abodes.

During the Spring, you may find yourself spending more time on the patio, enjoying the pleasant climate, soft breezes and blooming foliage. Therefore, it only stands to reason that for this season’s renovations, we focus on relaxation and refreshment.

There are few backyard amenities more suited for the relaxing atmosphere we want in the spring time than Water Features. Perhaps the greatest thing about water features for the back yard is their versatility. Limited only by the space you have available (and your own imagination), water features are an elegant addition to any back yard.

While many water features are standalone structures such as fountains and ponds, it’s common to infuse these aquatic amenities into swimming pools. You can certainly have both stand-alone and swimming pool water features, and there are benefits to both types.

Aside from the relaxing ambiance and beauty of your backyard water features, they offer many hidden benefits that aren’t always evident when deciding on what you should install.

The Beauty And Benefits Of Backyard Water Features

One of the best benefits of water features, particularly for homes in busy neighborhoods or more urban environments is that they can help drown out external noise. Waterfalls and larger fountains do an excellent job of overshadowing unpleasant city noise while providing a soothing softness on the patio.

Furthermore, a few well-placed water features – or perhaps a single large one – can offer a remarkable back drop and foundation for outdoor lighting. Rather than attaching flood lights to a fence post or a handful of LED lights on stakes in the ground, water features allow you to create artful and eye-catching lighting arrangements that play off the water and fit discreetly into the landscaping.

If you’ve got a bit of extra room in the back yard, you might also consider a small pond. While they may require a little extra attention to maintain, back yard fish ponds can offer all the benefits of a water feature while adding several environmental benefits. One such benefit, often overlooked, is simply a reduced amount of lawn for you to mow and fewer clippings to pick up!

Fish ponds in your back yard will also create a miniature ecosystem that will reduce your reliance on pesticides, and the water runoff from your fish pond is nutrient-rich and, with proper routing of your back yard waterways, can reduce your reliance on fertilizers as well. You may even encounter a few curious birds enjoying a bath.

Regardless of which water feature you choose to install this Spring, remember to consider any potential benefits you might gain from your ideal aquatic amenities. Take some extra time in deciding which type of fountain, waterfall, pond, pool or stream suits your outdoor abode the best and make sure to plan ahead for any potential additions and landscaping expansions you may wish to add in the future.

Clay Adams is a home improvement and lifestyle blogger for Dream Retreats

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