The 3 Primary Maintenance Items On A Vehicle

“Although modern cars don’t require the same attention as 50 years back, don’t let that get you all ignorant; many things must be considered”

We’ve all been told that keeping out vehicles maintained is important and if you care reading the automobile’s instruction manual, there’re many service reminders and crucial maintenance points to your very Audi service in Dubai.

While all those technical details and pointers are enough to make your head spin, we’ve gathered some of the most important to live by and keep your car operating safely for years to come. Read on to find out!

The 3 Primary Maintenance Items On A Vehicle

  • Oil

It has long been foretold that oil is the lifeblood of a car’s engine however; this isn’t 100-percent accurate! Ever consider purifying oil or replacing it frequently unless it’s too dirty and full of rust. The purpose of oil is to keep the engine and its components rotating smoothly and properly.

In time, exhaust gasses from the cylinders and metal fragments are likely to contaminate oil and reduce its effectiveness whereas heat from the engine also breaks down the oil. Much like other fluids, heat reduces viscosity (thickness) of the oil thereby compromising its tendency to keep the engine properly lubricated.

Modern vehicles can give you more or less 5,000 to 10,000 miles before oil change is required. With the latest Audi service in Dubai, thank goodness the old rule of changing oil after every three months or 3,000 miles has been disbanded.

  • Air filter

A clogged air filter reduces gas mileage, horsepower and even causes engine to stall out and makes maintenance tough. The frequency of changing air filter varies widely and based on two factors;

  • Total miles you drive per annum and,
  • Atmospheric conditions during the miles

While most of the manufacturers recommend changing the filter every 5,000 miles however, most of the vehicles especially new ones can easily serve 7,500 to 10,000 miles. On the contrary, environmental factors also contribute to a certain extent such as frequent driving on dirty rural roads or perhaps uneven tracks. In this condition, you’ll probably need changing air filter more frequently.

Also, if vehicle’s engine’s out of shape such as oil burns under the hood, the fumes are likely to contaminate the filter. Extreme circumstances render filter useless in as little as 1,000 miles and driving in this situation is extremely dangerous. Audi service in Dubai is also concerned with air filter cleaning and maintenance so better have that checked.

  • Brake cushions

Indeed, braking mechanism is important however not entirely complex. Many drivers take a hands-off approach towards brakes, taking every piece of advice from any mechanic as if pretty much written on stone.

Changing brake oil also depends on driving style, total weight, quality of brake pads and condition of the brake rotors. Audi service in Dubai states that if you drive aggressively, the brakes are likely to wear out quicker than normal and that means frequent changing with maintenance.


Given above are three primary items in a vehicle that require special care and maintenance for overall smooth performance.

By: Hassaan Javaid

Categories: Automotive