Tea Bags and Loose Tea: How To Get The Best Of Both The Worlds

Tea bags have been in use for quite some time. It was back in the year 1953 that Tetley decided to launch the tea bag in the UK. And since then there has been no looking back. These bags are preferred by many, especially by all those who are on a move. These prove to be very handy. You will find the leaves of tea carefully packed into good quality paper. It can be brewed with great ease.

Tea Bags and Loose Tea: How To Get The Best Of Both The Worlds

But there are many people who still like to enjoy this health drink the conventional way.

Read the article to know about the reasons why loose tea is preferred over the tea bags.

  • Many health benefits and better taste:

Buy loose tea online can prove to be a win-win situation for many. The best part is the fact that these leaves are not oxidized. It contains several life-giving nutrients, namely chlorophyll, Vitamin C, catechins, theanine, chlorophyll, and essential oils. On the other hand, when the tea bags are prepared the leaves are sliced, chopped into smaller pieces and diced. These dusts and fannings tend to lose their original taste and freshness. For increasing the shelf life these are finally packed into paper. Due to this the you never get to enjoy the real flavour.

  • Lesser caffeine content:

 There several studies that suggest that the caffeine content is much higher in the bags in comparison with the loose form. It means that if you are interested in having a cup of tea that is relaxing and soothing then nothing can be better than the loose varieties as the bags are devoid of nutritional value and freshness.

  • The making process is meticulous:

Tea bags are known to contain made CTC leaves (crush, tear and curl). These are of the inferior quality. Most of the sap is sucked out while processing them. The dehydrated leaves are devoid of any moisture content. You will find that the bags also have noticeable quantities of bleach residue remains. On the other hand, the loose forms are hand picked and extreme care is taken while collecting them. Due to all these factors the loose tea is known for its aftertaste, body and aroma.

  • Higher grade leaves:

By now it must be clear that the leaves in the loose form are of much better quality than the CTC ones. In the loose forms the young tea shoots are selected as these contain higher quantities of EGCG and theanine. These have a major role to play in providing calmness and enhancing concentration.

But you can actually enjoy the best of both of the worlds. Wondering how!

Well, it is very simple. You can get the whole leaf tea and place it in the disposable bags. Now add water to it. You get to use the bags again, as and when you feel like during the entire day. This way to get to enjoy the convenience associated with the tea bags and freshness of the loose tea leaves.

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