Seek Fair Compensation In Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents happen at unexpected times in life. You can count on a slip and fall attorney to seek compensation under certain circumstances. If the situation was an accident and you were unaware of the risk, and the associated party was in a position to intervene and also prevent the damage done to your person, you are entitled to seek adequate compensation.

Seek Fair Compensation In Slip and Fall Accidents

How are slip and fall cases defined?

As the name suggests, slip and fall cases are mostly accidental falls on public sidewalks or malls, rash driving accidents, faulty equipment issues, safety issues from the employer side, or through malice from the other party leading to grievous injury or disability. If the accident causes a cessation of normal life, physical harm, degradation in the quality of life or loss of general physical or mental ability, you are perfectly qualified to seek adequate compensation.

What are the steps in filing for compensation?

A competent slip and fall attorney is the best person to guide you through the motion to seek compensation. The general time frame to seek legal recompense is up to 3 years, but it may vary from state to state. The accident report is the first step in the process. The attorney helps you to file the same in good time and phrases the report in a manner that is conducive to seeking compensation. The attorney has to prove that you have been harmed or injured due to the fault or negligence of the other party or faulty equipment. It is a good idea to identify the immediate environment preceding the accident, for identifying any witnesses or detailed report of the actual incident. This is not mandatory by law but can help in setting up the case.

Many times, it requires experience in filing claims to establish negligence and word the claim in a way to secure compensation. The compensation may include loss of income, compensation for medical costs and mental stress due to injury. An experienced Vancouver slip and fall attorney is competent enough to help you prove that your fall or accident has been caused by the fault or negligence of the other party. The compensation is usually granted only when it is proven beyond doubt that the fall could not have avoided by the victim, or that there has been actual gross negligence on the part of the accused party.

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