Say Cheers To The Drink Of Good Life

Beer is the most famous drink worldwide after tea and coffee. This drink has been mentioned in some of the oldest readings of mankind like the “The Hymn to Ninkasi” or “Code of Hammurabi” includes the reference to production and distribution of beer. Well this for sure is an alcoholic drink but comprises more benefits than flaws.

Its nutritional values were highlighted to the world during the building of great pyramids. It is believed that workers were given a daily supply of 4 to 5 litres of beer. Drink was considered refreshing and nutritional.

Many researches and studies have revealed the bright side of beer. However, it is subject to the quantity consumed. Also this drink rates way above wine over the health parameters. So next time you’re visiting your friends replace the bottle of wine  with a crate or some bottles of beer packed nicely in square gift boxes.

Say Cheers To The Drink Of Good Life

Scroll down to know how and why beer is good for health.

Soothing aid for kidney– regular and moderate consumption of beer keeps our kidney healthy. It reduces the risk of stones, as this drink is rich in potassium and low in sodium. A study reveals regular consumption of beer reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40%.

Improves bone density– Moderate intake of beer acts as a protective layer against osteoporosis. Silicon present in beer is easily absorbed by the body and thereby prevents bones from losing density.

Beauty secret– Consumption of this golden drink is largely enjoyed by females for healthy, soft and supple skin. It is known to increase the impact of vitamin E, which plays an important role towards anti aging and restoration of young and healthy skin for longer years.

Easy digestion– Dark beer improves digestion. It comprises soluble fibre, which is important for our intestines.

Keeps your heart strong– It is said that regular and moderate intake of this drink could reduce the risk of heart attacks by 40% to 50%. It makes the blood thin which prevents it from clotting. Beer comprises vitamin B6 which stops the formation of a compound named homocysteine. Well thing to remember here is the emphasis on quantity.

Say no to Diabetes-Beer consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. So if you love beer then there is not much need to compromise on your sweet tooth. Enjoy the sweetness of life without guilt.

Prevents Anaemia– This drink is rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid, deficiency of which leads to Anaemia. This disease also disrupts an individual’s stamina, concentration and growth. In short life is slow and less exciting.

Relax your senses– Like any other drink beer is known to give a calming intoxication to mind and body. However, what differentiate it from other spirits are its health benefits.

Remedy for cold– Beer acts as a medicine for cold when consumed warm. Well warm beer is more likely to taste like medicine too. Warm beer is also known to relieve joint pains and boost immunity.

These are some of the benefits of beer. Apart from the known and researched information mentioned above we all enjoy this drink with or without its flaws. No parties or reunions are complete without this drink.

So keep partying and enjoying the finest drinks around the world.

It is said beer is one of the oldest drinks which has been prevalent among mankind for ages. Back in 3000 BC beer was spread by Europe which they brewed in houses on a domestic scale. However, this drink is very different from the beer we drink today. Many people from our generation might not authorise that drink to be beer.

Beer and bread have increased prosperity in the olden times to a whole new level that lead to building of multiple civilisations and development of technologies.

So let’s say cheers and enjoy our drinks.

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