Room Utility Interior Ideas That Will Not Break The Bank Balance

Most interior designers feel their clients have unrealistic budgets when it comes to renovating.

Clients often feel, ‘why should it cost that much to rip open a piece of upholstery and make a new one’ or ‘should it cost this high to get the wall repainted’. Of course, there are clever hacks to do without breaking the bank balance. Pay attention to the viewpoint offered in this blog post before you roll up your sleeves.

Room Utility Interior Ideas

Become a clean up marshal!

A single room is utilized for several purposes. Many homes have the ubiquitous sofa-cum-bed in the living room-in the day it is a four-seater and in the night, it turns into a bed. A desk makes it a make shift office too.

Since a single room has immense utilities, it requires some ingenuity to be in top condition. Remove all clutter that is not wanted in such a room before any interior idea can be incorporated here. At any given time, the utility factor should be restricted to only two uses—i.e. in the day time the living room should function as a reception area for visitors and may be for official purpose. If you have a sofa cum bed, try not to make it look like a bedroom as well.

How to make the room more inviting to visitors is tricky during the day. Therefore, it is best to seek advice from some professionals who will be able to help in giving thrifty tips to make the multi-purpose room more efficient and at the same time beautiful. What you do not require, throw it away. It will only add to the clutter. Once you have removed the unwanted stuff, it is time to pick a theme to utilize the room.

Themes restrict wild ideas

One thing good about a theme is that, a client will not get wild ideas to add stuff. Interior Designers love themes and work out better deals for utility ideas for rooms.

Sometimes clients can be unrealistic in their demands when it comes to interiors. However, when a theme is chosen then it is easy for a designer to work. Anything that does not match with the theme is tossed away.

Currently, other than the living room, a versatile utility area is the kitchen. It can pass off as a dining area and private gossip area too. But in India, this part of the house also has a laundry unit or washing machine attached! It is fine to have a dish washing machine but many homes do have a snug space for washing machines too. If such a scenario is present in a home, a designer may find it a challenge to revamp it. Ideally, removing the washing machine is the best idea, if it can be relocated elsewhere in the toiletry section.

Doubling up the kitchen space as a dining area is fine as both activities are connected. Often in many homes, we see that the wall between the kitchen and dinning/living room is broken down. It expands into a multi-purpose room, once again! In such a scenario, avoid having a sofa cum bed in this area.

Work on a theme that is most suitable to the rest of the family—choose between the bedroom/living room theme or the kitchen/living room theme.

 Spend wisely on accessories

Once there is a theme, the need to spend too much money on accessories is reduced. It saves the bank balance too.

There are always a way to save money! There should be only one room which can be multi-purpose. Not all space in the home can be versatile. Ideally, leave the bedroom out of this. One room can become a private sanctuary. The bedroom seems to fit the bill. Get few accessories that will add character to the versatile room. The fact that it is used for more than one purpose will make it heavy and too many things will only add to the clutter.

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