Rishi Kapoor Aappeal For Pakistani Players To Take Part In IPL

As the news suggests that Indian Premier League (IPL) is headed in the upcoming days. As always people are expecting a great match but the veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is suggesting that Pakistani players also take part in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

He specially pleaded to the decision makers to let Pakistani players take part in Indian Premier League (IPL). Rishi Kapoor took the mater on twitter making an appeal to the decision makers that they would allow the Pakistani players to participate. He said,” IPL. You got world players. Afghanistan makes debut. My plea is please consider Pakistani players. Phir match hoga! Hum bade log hain. Please!”

Rishi Kapoor Aappeal For Pakistani Players To Take Part In IPL

Since 2008 no Pakistani has taken part in the Indian Premier League (IPL). At least, 11 Pakistani players were present at the action list for IPL’s third season in 2010, but none of them were picked up by any of the franchises. Other than that Indian Premier League (IPL) or Indian Premier League (IPL) season 2 that were held in year 2009 Pakistani players were not allowed to travel to India in the wake of the 26/11. Even though the tournament was moved to South Africa still they barred from participating in the tournament. According to the news the franchises that were supporting Pakistani players were advised to either terminate or suspend their contract with them so they did. The reason stated was that they could not put fortune on players who might not be available for the tournament. They were not taking any chances.

According to earlier news , Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan, Two Afghani cricketers are going to make their debut for sun risers in Hyderabad in the 10th season of Indian Premier League (IPL) starting today at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket stadium in Hyderabad.

Sunrises Hyderabad brought Mohammad Nabi for Rs. 4 crore on the other hand they brought Rashid Khan for Rs. 30 lacks

Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor requested the Indian Premier League (IPL) organization by talking call to to include Pakistani players.  Keeping in mind that no player from Pakistan has participated in the Indian Premier League (IPL) after its inaugural season in 2008.since then Pakistani players never played in Indian Premier League (IPL). Since the uri’s attack, relationship between India and Pakistan have been quite tense in every way

Looking on the other side one can say that n Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor is impressed by the performance of Pakistani cricket players in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Last time he was seen in Fawad Khan Starrer Kapoor & Sons.

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