Reversing Videos With Movavi Video Editor

At first it may seem as though there’s no reason why you would ever want to ‘reverse’ a video and have it play backwards. However that is actually far from true and reversing videos is an editing technique that has been used for ages to create comedic-looking videos or even to show time moving backwards.

Reversing Videos With Movavi Video Editor

In short it is a pretty versatile effect, and one that you would benefit from being able to perform. If you would like to try it out, one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so is by using Movavi Video Editor as a video reverser.

Assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed Movavi Video Editor, you just need to launch it and add the video that you want to reverse. As soon as you do it will appear in the ‘Timeline’ in the lower section of the interface and you can select it so that you can start editing it.

Once the video is selected, you will want to open up the ‘Clip Properties’ – which is the ‘cogwheel’ icon that is right above the ‘Timeline’. That will open up a ‘Tools’ tab and one of the options contained in it is ‘Reverse’. All that you need to do is select that option (i.e. tick the checkbox), and your video will be reversed.

After the video has been reversed you can see for yourself how it appears in the preview window. If you’re satisfied you can then save it in a format or your choosing or by using the built-in presets in Movavi Video Editor to automatically optimize it for any device or platform.

Reversing Videos With Movavi Video Editor

Before you save your video however, you should definitely make use of the other feature sin Movavi Video Editor as well. With their help you could cut and join video segments, improve the video quality, apply special effects and filters, insert customizable text fields, add audio tracks, adjust the sound levels, utilize audio effects, and much more.

In particular you may find it useful to cut your video into segments before reversing it. By doing so you could use Movavi Video Editor to only reverse part of your video rather than its entirety – which may be preferable in some cases. That, along with the other features that are available, will let you create exactly the kind of video that you want to.

As you can see reversing videos with Movavi Video Editor is a piece of cake, and that holds true with its other features as well. Even if you have almost no experience editing videos, so long as you’re willing to experiment a bit with the features that are available – you’ll get the hang of them in no time.