Revel In The Festivities Of The Rustic City Of Jodhpur

Jodhpur is known for celebrations and festivities. The people of Jodhpur are proud for their legacy and are continually endeavoring to keep that spirit of their tradition alive, and therefore, every festival is lauded here with all its respectability. One can see a riot of colours, brilliant dresses and decorations, witness the pomp and show and delve into the delectable delicacies in the midst of all the festivities here. The already beautiful city of Jodhpur, during this time, turns impressively more alluring.

Revel In The Festivities Of The Rustic City Of JodhpurJodhpur is not just about the superb fortifications and royal residences that stood the test of times, but also has an extravagant way of life and legacy, of which the festive celebrations frame a crucial part. Even the topmost Bollywood celebrities are often found flying down from the Mumbai to Jodhpur flights just to witness the grand spectacle of these festivals. So take a look at the most bright and energetic celebrations that are celebrated throughout Jodhpur which pull in voyagers from around the globe. Shutterbugs, all set?

Nagaur Festival

This celebration which is generally called the Cattle fair, falls in the months of Jan and Feb and it dominatingly incorporates trading of bullocks, camels and stallions. This is one of the second greatest social event in India, extending over a time of eight days. The celebration furthermore incorporates races, for example, that of the camels and bullocks.

Revel In The Festivities Of The Rustic City Of Jodhpur

Global Kite Festival

This celebration attracts crowds of the best kite flyers of India. The festival can deliver a lot of intensity, and people from various parts of the world take part in this festival. The celebration starts on the fourteenth of January and proceeds for a time of three days. It is genuinely an eminent sight to see the sky stacked with groups of splendid kites released by nearby individuals, school youths, and so forth. Contenders need to try to keep their kites overhead in the sky. They moreover endeavor to impede the kites of their competitors.

Marwar Festival

This celebration falls in the month of October and to an extraordinary degree is a social festival which is loaded with folk dance and music. This is broadly known as the Maand festivity and the cultural shows during this celebration on a very basic level spotlights on the lifestyle of Rajasthan’s imperial rulers of the past and present.

Nav Sati

The Nav Sati festival is held in Jodhpur from late March to April. Giving up their life along with their husbands by laying on the funeral pyre, is an obsolete Indian custom exceptionally called Sati which was required to be performed by the Rajputana widows. The festival of Nav Sati is sorted out in the memory of those nine dowagers who did Sati years back. Countless bathe in the Banganga river and after that go to the fair. The spectacle is stunning and is worth the watch.


Gangaur is generally celebrated by women, as it is dedicated to goddess Parvati. While the wedded women pray to God for the achievement of material fulfilment to the goddess, the unmarried young women do offerings with a trust of getting the best companions in the midst of this festival. Gangaur festivity continues for 15 days. A terrific, brilliant parade through the streets of Jodhpur passes, with a wooden photo of the goddess, since it is the principal custom of the Gangaur festivity.

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