Movies make you feel closer to your traditions and help you stay in touch with your mother tongue. A lot of Indians, travelling to different places in the world to earn a living, miss a lot of movies and entertainment related to their respective languages. But, now don’t worry, Yuppflix gets you a platform where you can watch a lot of movies and TV shows in different regional languages.


Yuppflix App can be downloaded on different smartphones or on your tablets whether it is Android, Nexus, IPad or your IPhone. Sitting in the comforts of your living room or for that matter, any room that you would want to choose, you can watch the movies online that you want on your TV set as well, which is the most upcoming feature of Yuppflix. These features can be used on Samsung, Roku TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Opera TV, LG and Sony TV sets.

Apart from Smartphones, Tablets, and TV, you also have the benefit of watching regional movies and TV shows on your computer as well. All you would need is the specific browsers that Yuppflix supports which are Mac OS 10.6+, Chrome 37+, Safari&+, Internet Explorer 10+, Windows Vista and Mozilla Firefox 31+.

Yuppflix features movies and TV shows across 9 Indian regional languages. Genres would vary from Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Drama, and the list does not end here. It gives you an exclusive range of genres to soothe your taste. Based on the modern technology of movies and entertainment,

Yuppflix offers easy cancellation options, easily accessible on different devices, watch movies with English subtitles making it user friendly, unlimited variety of TV shows and movies, good HD quality, amazing surround sound 5.1 and last, but not the least, you can start watching your shows and movies on join for free period, and, if you don’t like it, you have the option to cancel the subscription. After the trial period, if you as a user are satisfied, then the subscription fee need to pay every month.

Watching your favorite movies has never been so easy. Rather than spending your time, money and energy going to a theatre, Yuppflix gets you closer to your most awaited TV shows and movies, just at a minimum month subscription price, at your own comfort zone with your family.

Yuppflix leads as a famous entertainment platform touching a lot of hearts by getting them closer to their country