Puppy Potty Training – All You Have To Know

Puppies are gentle, sensitive beings. No matter what kind of training you wish to do with them, you need to have this in mind. They react instinctively and only after a while can they truly understand what is required from them.

Nothing holds true that the potty training.

Potty training is the basis that helps you with any training afterwards. This is mainly due to the fact that potty training starts early and teaches the dog that it should obey you. It builds discipline and helps your relationship.

Puppy Potty Training – All You Have To Know

If you can nail this one, everything else will go smoothly later on.

Here are some tips that can help you out.

Things you have to know about dogs

If this is your first dog, you are in for a ride.

When it comes to dogs’ metabolism and dietary habits, they can be very similar to us in a sense that they need to urinate as soon as they wake up and in the evening. However, puppies have no control when it comes to eating and can eat a whole meal in an instant or they can chew it during the whole day.

This makes it harder to predict when they need to relieve themselves.

So, what are the things you have to know when it comes to potty training?

Here are 9 great tips coming from the puppy training experts at Kaufmann’s Puppy Training:

  • In the morning, you are the one that has to initiate going out. Small puppy that has just arrived to your home will have an instant urge to urinate. This is why you have to be outside when the urge appears in order to prevent any urination at home.
  • If an accident occurs (and they will) you need to keep calm and collected and help the puppy out. Punishment is the worst thing you can do. Instead, try to show your dissatisfaction. Dogs can pick it up and understand it.
  • Routine needs to be kept at all costs. Only after continuous training and gong out can you create a habit in a dog where it recognizes outside as a place where it needs to urinate.
  • After urination, make sure to pet your dog and compliment it. This way it will know it did well without any forceful strategy. But avoid giving treats.
  • In the morning, do not pet your dog or get it excited in anyway. This can increase the urge making urination uncontrollable.
  • Dogs also have to relieve themselves after lunch. As during the morning, you need to take precautionary measures and go out ahead of the time. At first, start going out immediately after lunch. Notice the dogs habits (if it needs to relieve itself 30 minutes or 60 minutes after lunch) so you can somewhat decide when you want to go out in future. If your dog usually relieves itself after 70, 80 minutes, then there is no real reason to hurry outside after lunch.
  • Dogs also need to pee in the evening, just in case. However, during this time dogs still like to play. Show it that you’re going out just so it can pee so that it doesn’t become accustomed to playing in the late evening.
  • Always take it in the same or similar area. Puppies have a strong sense of smell and will associate potting with it.
  • If the dog starts scratching the door, barking or running in circles, this is a good indication that it cannot hold it anymore. Make sure to go outside instantly. But, as they get older, they use this as a trick just to go outside.

As long as you’re patient and caring, puppy potty training will be no an issue for you!

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