Planning Your Next Event

If the responsibility falls on you to plan the next corporate event for the business, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. The first thing that you should do is schedule the event at a time when the most people can attend. You’re not going to find a time that works with everyone in the business as there will be some people who have prior plans in place. An evening during the week is often best as this is a time when people can go home, get changed and go back to the event.

Planning Your Next Event

Start with the basics of the event. Who is going to be invited, where will the event be held and what time will the event kick off? You also need to think about the budget that you have to work with as this can help to dictate the kind of food that you have and the entertainment for the event. A corporate event planner can help with these aspects to take a bit of the work off of you so that you can focus more on making your guests happy.

As soon as the event has been scheduled, you need to make fliers and invitations to give out to everyone who is at the business. Try to give out invitations and make the date known about four weeks ahead of the event. This will give people plenty of time to rearrange schedules and to find babysitters for children.

The venue that you select should reflect the number of people you’re inviting as well as the type of event that you have planned. You also want to think about traveling to and from the venue. Consider an open environment that is easy to decorate and easy to clean up after the event. Meet the needs of the guests by asking if there are any allergies or if there are any special activities that guests might enjoy, such as dancing. Give guests a sample of the menu so that they know what will be offered as well as a quick rundown of events so that they know how to dress for the event.

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