Permanent Residency Australia — Questions Answered!

Australia is among the countries that are rated best for both working as well as living. This also makes it a perfect country for many to apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. The country has already designed several categories of visas to be offered to the eligible candidates. To be able to apply for Permanent resident visa Australia, one needs to follow a point based immigration system.

Permanent Residency Australia — Questions Answered!

The point based immigration system will determine the eligibility of a candidate for PR visa based on the following key factors of selection:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Work experience
  • Education, among several others.

One can easily determine their eligibility for permanent residency Australia by entering their information on the official website.

Benefits of Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia

If one gets the permanent resident visa Australia, they have the following rights and privileges:

  • The can live as well as work in Australia indefinitely.
  • The permanent residents can enter or leave Australia frequently within the first five years. Post the period of five years, it can be renewed if the residents meet the criteria.
  • After spending a couple of years on permanent residency status, the residents can apply for citizenship as well.
  • The permanent residents of Australia get to enjoy several rights and privileges just like the Australian citizens. For instance, they get access to subsidized or free legal and health services.
  • Having the status of permanent residency Australia gives you the right to apply for Australian Consular assistance overseas.
  • The residents also get the right to travel, work, and study or live in New Zealand, post the approval or New Zealand government.
  • The children who are born to the permanent residents inside Australia are considered as Australian Citizens right from their birth.
  • The permanent residents can also sponsor their relatives to Australia. This is possible only if they fulfill the residence criteria and assure the support requirements.

How to apply for the Australian Permanent Residency (PR)?

There are several steps that one must follow if they are looking for permanent residency Australia.

Step 1

You must collect all the essential documents and decide the visa category.

Step 2

You need to submit the expression of interest (EOI) to Skill Select. Skill Select is online system that processes all the requests for the Australian Visas.

Step 3

The profile that has been submitted by you needs to be given a definite point score. This should be at least 60 points.

Step 4

Next, you need to wait for a response from the authorities. In case, your profile gets selected, you will be invited to apply for your desired visa.

Step 5

It’s time to collect all the key documents and attach them with the application form.

Step 6

You need to submit the application in all the respects, together with all the essential documents to the immigration office. All this needs to be done within 60 days of receiving the invitation receipt.

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