Overcome Alcohol Dependence By 7-Day Detox At Professional Rehab

The crucial first step in overcoming your alcohol dependence is detoxification and for that, you should ideally go for a 7 day alcohol rehab program at a reliable rehabilitation center. The professional rehab facilities available at such a center can help you recover from your alcohol dependency in an effective manner. The key focus of a thoughtfully-planned detoxification and rehab program helps in healing and transformation of the patients and ultimately helping them to begin an alcohol-free life.

Since alcohol withdrawal is one of the most difficult parts of a detoxification process, a 7 day alcohol rehab ensures that proper assistance is provided to patients in a rehab center to endure withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms which most patients find difficult to cope with are: alcohol craving, nausea, anxiety/depression, muscle tremors, sweating, vomiting, insomnia, headache, and shaky hands, among others.

Overcome Alcohol Dependence By 7-Day Detox At Professional Rehab

With the withdrawal process putting a patient at the maximum risk of a relapse, a reputed rehab center emphasizes on an adequate period of detox in a professional rehab program. A proper detox makes withdrawal symptoms less severe, especially because of a round-the-clock medical care provided by a rehab center. Constant medical care not only helps identify complications but also improves patient safety.

So far as a week-long detox is concerned, a meticulous detox program is put in place for patients at a rehab center. However, if you do the 7-day detox on your own, you will likely undergo the following day-wise experiences:

  • On Day 1, your body may react violently during the first few hours without alcohol, resulting in stomach cramps, nausea, and slight fever.
  • On Day 2, your body will put up a good fight to get normal despite periodic vomiting, though your mind may trigger a craving for alcohol to help to function properly.
  • On Day 3, your anxiety will probably be at an excessively high level, and you will not be able to sleep well.
  • On Day 4 and Day 5, you will require emotional therapy.
  • Day 6 and Day 7 will probably involve a change in your routine.

The detox, with not even a single drop of alcohol consumed for seven days, is a great accomplishment if you do it on your own. However, things can become a lot easier if you enroll yourself into a reputed rehab center for a detox program under the guidance and assistance of professionals. The detox program at a rehab center is medication-assisted. Furthermore, it is held in an environment which is relaxing as well as comfortable; with the staff at the rehab center professionally trained to monitor each patient during the withdrawal process.

To conclude, the overall detoxification benefits of a 7 day alcohol rehab cannot be denied. The comprehensive program is essentially aimed at a complete detox for alcoholics in such a way that it builds a new physical, mental and spiritual foundation for them. Moreover, the rehab program also focuses on transitional living and aftercare of patients. The program generally includes some additional benefits also, such as life planning, assistance in seeking a job, interactions with alumni, and ongoing mentoring services.

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