Organic Food and The Need To Go Back To Healthy Eating

Back in the past, people used to have farm products in all its purity and thanks to their belief probably, they had fewer diseases due to food consumption. Those who lived on the farmlands would feel scandalized if someone even remotely suggested them to go for lighter meals of the city. But in spite of being “heavy” on diet and in spite of gorging on good meals every day, they were not unhealthy in any way. They were chubby but with such hard manual labor around the farm all-year-round they hardly had anything called bad cholesterol, or obesity or even diabetes running in the family.

Today, in spite of consuming tetra packaged, low fat milk, or eating vegetables from chemically pest-free lands, people are falling sick and even prone to serious diseases. A few of the people also end up in hospitals or medical centers for chronic liver or kidney ailments. The root of the problem as Geoffrey Morell of PA Bowne Farmstead believes is the consumption of all of these packaged stuff.

Organic Food and The Need To Go Back To Healthy Eating

Processed food is not as it appears on print of its pack. The low fat milk might not give you butter indeed, but it is surely not nutritious in any way. Similarly, there are many other misconceptions that people have about the kind of food that people should have or avoid. People tend to avoid animal fats because they feel that it is rich for them.

The Responsibility of the Farmer:

Today’s eating habits actually find their way back to the farmers and the way of farming. Today’s farmers have their demand supply cycle on their minds and nothing else. So, in order to ensure that the field yields, the farmer tries to use chemicals, pesticides, and hormone boosters to the crops. Besides improving the quality of crops, the farmer also tries to make bigger and shinier looking vegetables. All of these happen in lieu of good health and nutrition. The victim therefore, is the person who consumes these foods.

The farmer today has to realize that in order to get people to trust farm vegetables, going organic is the best way out of this issues. Geoffrey Morell and his wife, Sally Fallon Morell, have been promoting these foods They are ensuring that people start consuming raw milk and she has even imbibed this and many other such practices to promote good health with healthy farm products. Her own farmlands do not get pesticides and unless and until absolutely necessary, they do not even get antibiotics. As the founding members of Weston A. Price Foundation, the couple has been working in practicing what they are preaching. They are creating awareness among the public regarding the dangers of using soy in infant formula.

This just shows that by putting knowledge to good use, the Morell couple is trying their best to bring out the virtues of consuming good food. They are trying to go back to the times when pasture was raw and when the people could directly have farm products without worrying a bit about its health concerns.

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