NHS Trusts provides you with best possible Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

NHS Trusts has devised and developed the best possible Root Cause Analysis NHS that offers the health services providers with the ability to promote a systematic approach for the investigation of serious incidents. The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) developed by the NHS Trusts has replaced the traditional methods of investigations which are proved to be little to nothing in identification of mistakes that happened in the process of care.

With a proper implementation and careful observation, the Root Cause Analysis NHS will provide the health care services providers with information on what has happened actually and also offer a deep understanding of the bottom of the problem. The RCA process involves identifying the core elements and a deep understanding of the underlying system thereby offer a chance to view the critical system process issues that have caused the resulting problem incident.


NHS Trusts has taken advantage of such a benefit that the RCA process offers and adopted it to investigate in all the serious incidents that result in a moderate to severe harm or death. By the development of various approaches to carry out the RCA process, the NHS Trusts have developed a method to decide upon the persons who should carry out the investigation involved in the RCA. Based on the feedback received through a survey conducted by the NHS Trusts, it is found that the mostly managers and senior critical staff in the trusts usually carry out the investigation process.

Training, Support and other Issues

NHS Trusts is also aware of the one of the main problems that RCA faces is that the staff involved in such an important procedure should be given adequate and proper training, support and other help needed, to make them sufficiently adequate with all the relevant information. It is also most evident that any person could only perform his or her work in a most effective and efficient manner, only after when they are adequately trained and are supportive.

Since, the issues here are related to public matters it is of utmost important that proper care should be taken while attending these cases, if not, which can lead to a lack of confidence on the health care services provider in the public that lose confidence on the people attending.

One more supportive technique provided by the NHS Trusts to perfect the RCA process is that the staff involved is provided with the human error theory and investigative tools and techniques that are needed to carry out a critical and thorough RCA investigation. This marks a positive remark on the staff carrying out the RCA process and offers them the benefit of receiving positive feedback from the respondents that have participated in the RCA investigation process.

One other important aspect that the NHS Trusts have provided the staff with is the buddy response team which takes care of the staff while undergoing the RCA process, through whom they receive necessary training and updates necessary to competes the RCA process in an effective manner.

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