Mysore – Enjoy Visiting The Brindavan Gardens

It is regarded to be Karnataka state’s second largest city, located about 140 km from Bengaluru capital city. Its original name is said to have been derived from the demon king Mahisasur. Hence, this region is considered to be once the abode of the demon king and thus its name.

Mysore – Enjoy Visiting The Brindavan Gardens

Beautiful sight scenes

This city has been quite popular for its different historical landmarks, which tends to include the beauties like the palaces, temples and gardens. Besides the attractions, Mysore Zoo could be given its due consideration to be among the country’s oldest zoos. Mysore at times, is also known as the country’s palace city.


It was once the Wodeyar Dynasty’s administrative capital and called as India’s ‘Sandalwood city’. It has managed to retain its age-old charm with its busy thoroughfares and shadowed alleys. The city’s attractions are a must visit by every tourist coming from all over the country and the world. checking out the Bangalore Mysore Coorg tour package will help you to know more about the city and its surroundings.

Some of the main attractions of the city

  • Mysore Palace: It was once the erstwhile Mysore kings home who had ruled it for a long time, before independence. It is also the most visited attractions in the city. It was built in 1912 to become the haven for the 24th Wodeyar dynasty king. It was Henry Irwin, a well-known British architect who had designed this grand palace. It is boasted to be the country’s biggest palace! Amba Vilas is the name that is given to this palace.
  • Brindavan Gardens: It is termed to be Mysore city’s pride. With time, many movies of almost all regional languages and the Bollywood have been shot here. These have captured successfully the beauty of the well laid-out gardens and water fountains. It is also stated to be among the most famous of all tourist spots in the country, attracting visitors in huge numbers throughout the year. This garden covers an area of about 150 acres. It has a tourist lodge, botanical garden including different biological departments within its folds. The musical and colored water fountains are stated to be the garden’s major attractions. It is located on Krishnasagara Dam’s downstream that was constructed by the Mysore State’s Dewans and named after the then ruler, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. This garden is located on the banks of river Cauvery and is made from stone using sukhi mortar.
  • Zoo: It was Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar, who had established the Mysore Zoo in 1892. Hence, it is stated to be among the oldest zoological park in the country as well as the most popular among all. It has many animals, reptile species kept here in huge open spaces, thus providing them the opportunity to be closer to nature. It is also among the world’s oldest zoo.

Selecting the right Mysore Coorg tour package will help you visit all the important sight scenes located here and to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

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