Mistakes That Every Guitarist Should Avoid

When it comes to learning anything, mistakes are bound to happen. Even in your daily routine, you make lots of mistakes in almost every task you do. Whenever you do any task for the first time, it is rare that you do it correct. You start gaining perfection with the second or the third time you do the same task. But, generally speaking, we all make mistakes in our routine life.

Now, when it comes to learning music, mistakes are bound to happen here as well. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes when you learn. But, repeating those mistakes cannot be good for your learning. It is correctly said that never repeat your mistake, instead make a different mistake every time. The important thing is to learn from them and move ahead.

Now, when we talk about music, a guitar is the instrument that we visualize first. When you learn guitar, most of you are bound to make some common mistakes, which you may not be aware of. We shall list out here, some of those mistakes that you should avoid while learning or playing your guitar.

Mistakes That Every Guitarist Should Avoid

Do Not Pay Proper Attention To Tempo And Timing

You would be surprised to know how most of the people forget to pay attention to the tempo while playing. It is very important that you pay attention to the beats of the music. If you are not aware of the music beats, it is not possible for you to make music. When you make this mistake, you go off beat, which will disturb your music tunes and the music that comes out is not so pleasing. You can bring a metronome to solve this mistake. It will help you know your beats.

Trying To Play Too Fast In The Beginning

When you start learning any musical instrument, it is vital that you should go slower in the beginning. Many of the beginners feel that there is no harm in going faster when they know some tunes. But, it is not true, instead, it will harm your practice and learning. So, go slower when you are in the learning stage of playing guitar. Speed comes naturally with time and practice. So, let it come with time.

Ignoring Barre Chords

Learning barre chords is hard at first, but is the major hurdle in advancing your guitar skills. You will learn everything a bit easily like playing a C major, changing chords and more until you come to barre chords. Yes, you read it right. Anyone who tells you that barre chords are the easiest or the easy things, they are lying. But, this doesn’t mean you should avoid learning barre chords. Moreover, it is vital that you practice your barre chords at least five minutes every day. Therefore, never ignore playing and practicing your barre chords.

Not Practicing Enough

Practice is the foundation of anything you learn. When it comes to music, practice becomes an inevitable thing for you to do. So, make sure you practice your instrument enough while learning. Only with practice you will get a good grip over the guitar and will be able to advance your playing skills. Therefore, never miss your practice when it comes to playing your guitar.

Not Practicing Correctly

It commonly found that most of the beginners get stuck to where they have begun and do not advance from that. It is because you may not be playing it correctly. You need to tune up, use your ears well and play the tunes. Moreover, you also need to practice the scales properly to advance your guitar skills. Therefore, you should dedicate your practice time to technical aspects, use your knowledge to play music, and learn new stuff. It will make your practice correct and perfect.

Do Boring Drills Instead Of Playing Songs

Many of the beginners are made to do some boring drills and exercises. Everyone learns the guitar music lessons to play songs. So, it is important that you focus on learning music in the real sense and then create your own with lots of practice. So, you do not need to do those boring drills, instead focus on playing new songs and tunes.

Never Play In Public

It is natural that new guitarists are shy and they hesitate to play in front of others. We don’t ask you to play in public venues or in front of strangers, because they may not be kind in giving their feedback. But, you can always play in front of your family members and friends so that they can give their positive criticisms to you. The positive criticisms are very helpful in getting motivated. Moreover, it will help you in improving your guitar skills and also correcting your mistakes.

Do Not Play With Others

It is a mistake you are making if you do not play with others. While learning guitar playing, it is important that you should play with your fellow students or artists. It will give you an opportunity to learn new methods of playing. You may also learn new tunes and songs. There is always something new to learn from everyone and so, you should try playing with others. It will bring a new positive change in your learning journey.

Playing guitar can be a blissful experience and music always connects you with nature if you avoid the mistakes that we described above. Moreover, it is more important to learn from your first mistakes and not to repeat them. Therefore, keep playing your instrument and enjoy every bit of your tunes. The rest will follow.

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